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Yun Che attained perfect invisibility at the, Yun Che's Dragon Soul Domain has the aura and pressure of the. Alive Yun Che fought against Li Mingcheng and defeated him, filled with shame, Li Mingcheng tried to sneak attack Yun Che but was counter-attacked by Yun Che and Li Mingcheng was saved by Ji Hanfeng who attacked Yun Che. After Yun Che returned from the Ice Wind Empire Mu Xuanyin gave Yun Che Buddha Lotus of Nine Resurrection and his profound veins were a lot tougher than before. By showing power of darkness, he became a common enemy of the whole Realm of Gods which abhores Devils. While Yun Che was growing up in the Xiao Clan he and Xiao Lingxi used to share the same courtyard until Yun Che turned ten and Xiao Lie said that they weren't allowed to live in the same courtyard.[22]. Before leaving, he made a promise with her and she gave taught him the remaining parts of the World Ode of the Phoenix. Against the Gods English. While exploring, he finds a small round red bead on the floor of the cave, after picking it up, it awakens and envelops him in red light. Mu Fengshu arrived and tried to make Yun Che pay for what he did to her nephew, making Ji Hanfeng attack him. Mu Xuanyin was all this time controlled by the Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit who planted in her soul order to put Yun Che's well being in front of everything else. Cause of Death He pretended to be sleeping, when the "handsome waiter" came back and was seeing him sleeping, he went to steal something from him but was stopped by Yun Che who tried to capture him, he failed to capture him and the "waiter" escaped. Before he left Forbidden Land of Samsara, he received He Ling as a poison spirit of Sky Poison Pearl because she wanted at all cost to avenge her family. As she had previously promised He Ling to find He Lin, she accepted to cure Yun Che under the condition that she will block the memories of the 50 years that she has to be with him to remove the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark. Feng Chihuo discovers Yun Che's Profound Handle so he had to kill Feng Chihuo. As he approaches her, he finds that she is afflicted by an unknown poison that even the Sky Poison Pearl couldn't cure right away. Also known as He then walks towards Ye Xinghan who pees himself and dies after being scared to death from Yun Che without the latter doing anything at all. Yun Che (云 澈) is the main protagonist of Against the Gods. In the Profound Sky Continent, he appeared near New Moon City where he got to know from Sikong Du about what had happened during the time he was "dead", knowing that Blue Wind Imperial City was about to be destroyed, he used the Primordial Profound Ark to travel faster. But when he can't deal with the problems with his strength alone, he uses his intelligence and cunningness to solve them. They found him and he escaped to the cave where he met the Primordial Azure Dragon, after accepting the Dragon's Marrow and Soul [62], Yun Che killed all the people who were against him, leaving behind only one elder so he can go back to the Burning Heaven Clan and receive his warning. Soon after she notices three adults chasing after two kids in order to abduct them. She takes Yun Che with her and disappeared in front of all present experts of the Realm of the Gods. To the current Yun Che, one of the things he cared about the most was betrayal.Because, as the Savior, he had been betrayed by countless people and bled to death. In that case, the halo of power he used to save the world would no longer truly belong to him. [85], On the way, they were attacked by Huangji Wuyu, Ye Meixie and Qu Fengyi who lusted after the Mirror of Samsara. On the way, before going to the Divine Phoenix City, he appeared outside the Xiao Sect gates. People who were treating him as a savior, betrayed him and wanted him dead, longing for his Evil God Divine Power and Sky Poison Pearl. While he was still in his mother's womb, his mother was poisoned by a cold poison and in order to save his life she forced the cold poison into his immature profound veins, terminating them, and protected him with her own profound strength despite already being severely injured.[21]. He enters the guild wearing a disguise and sells three high-grade Fire Spirit Pellets which were exceedingly rare. Yun Che is being hunted down by a bunch of people who are after his Sky Poison Pearl, which ultimately leads to Yun Che being cornered and eventually committing suicide. His third life ended by being burned to ashes. He directly advanced his cultivation for a whole realm. Male After destroying the Impervious Formation with the Ice Flame, Yun Che takes the Savage Divine Pith contained within. When Yun Che found out from Shui Qianheng that Eternal Heaven God Emperor and Dragon Monarch are going to the Blue Pole Star, he uses the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace and leaves the Glazed Light Realm heading to the Blue Pole Star in order to save his family members. That all changed when Yun Che lost Jasmine who was kicked out of the Primal Chaos Dimension by Zhou Xuzi. Yun Che returns to the Snow Song Realm to visit again Ice Phoenix girl. Yun Che doesn't intend to bother Caizhi because she isn't mature to wield it.[98]. Vyhledej své oblíbené seriály v naÅ¡í nabídce. Yun Che shows his Light Profound Strength and helps Zhou Xuzi to relieve Devil Qi. [97] Ice Phoenix isn't willing to hand all her strength to Yun Che because she wants to see how the upcoming tribulation will end. Chu Yuechan tells him that Xia Qingyue is going to participate in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament so Yun Che becomes determined to participate, to qualify he needed to be really strong. Yun Che proceeds to give the eight great sects a choice, Submit or die. [71], He enters the seventh floor of the Black Moon Merchant Guild and meets Zi Ji who easily recognizes his true identity.[72]. The Evil God teleported Yun Che and Xia Qingyue to the Azure Cloud Continent for 24 hours before they would be teleported back. When Yun Che arrived at the Supreme Ocean Palace, he crippled Xuanyuan Wendao and prepared himself to fight against Xuanyuan Wentian. Chibi Yun Che with the help of Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace arrived quickly at Star God Realm and with the help of Heavenly Slaughter Star God's drop of blood, he wasn't blocked by the Absolute Star Soul Barrier. [57], Fen Juechen felt completely humiliated so he decided to not participate, since there were no more participants, Yun Che suggested to bring Xia Yuanba along with him, which was accepted by Cang Yue, and Qing Wushang told him that he must get a high position in the tournament. Allies She slapped him because of death of her sister but Yun Che was emotionless as he already lost everything in his life. When Yun Che was about to leave with Su Ling'er, he found that three Monarchs and a huge amount of Overlords were surrounding a person, on a closer look he found that the person was Yun Gu his first master from his second life. [120], After the 8 Great Sects sweared allegiance to Yun Che, he orders them to bring him 3000 kilograms of Demon Crystal. Jasmine is moved by it because Yun Che resembled her brother, so she gives him the Great Way of the Buddha to cultivate.[49]. Using his Profound Handle, he cured Cang Wanhe's illness. Online Novel ... A generation of soldiers and women, Yang Yunlang, finally acknowledged their shortcomings at this time and fought against them again. During their stay, the Nine Glories Heavenly Venerable and Desolate Sky Dragon Lord come to demand that the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan hands over the Sacred Cloud Ancient Pill. Currently, not a single person in the three Divine Regions did not know that Yun Che had become a Devil and had committed an unforgivable sin. Being hit by the Divine Way practitioner, Yun Che who was already without profound strength started to struggle for his life. Yun Che becomes determined to kill Xuanyuan Wentian no matter what at all costs, with that resolve he starts fighting with him and their fighting goes as far away from the Supreme Ocean Palace as possible, deep under the ocean. Allies Killing one of them and leaving the other two leave so he can have more enemies and train himself. He gave Qianye Ying'er a new name, Yun Qianying. Ling Tianni was gravely injured and afraid of Yun Che so he retreated with Ling Jie. He tries to warn his Honored Master but three sect masters don't believe him and Yun Che was furious especially on Yan Wancang who was controlling Vermilion projection. Xiao Wuyi used powerful bombs to attack Yun Che but Yun Che was able to successfully protect himself, Xiao Wuyi was scared and to escape but Yun Che used one his bombs to kill him. Using the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet Yun Che increased his cultivation to 8th Level Sovereign Realm and by self-harming and using Starpicker Stone his cultivation increased to 10th Level Divine Sovereign Realm. Gender Before going to rescue Su Ling'er, Yun Che appeared in front of Su Haoran and the others, crippling them and torturing and completely destroying Su Haoran's future. [64], Yun Che, in rage, goes to the Burning Heaven Clan to fight them all, since he gave them too many opportunities to let their past enmities to disappear[65]. Luo Changsheng's hate for Yun Che is immense because he was defeated for the first time in his life. Yun Che went outside the inn and found an evildoer chasing a "beautiful mature lady", he appears to rescue her and fought against the evildoer At the moment he defeated the evildoer, Yun Che reveals the true identity of the "beautiful mature lady" who was the same person trying to rob him at the inn. However, a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world! For the Netherworld Udumbara Flower to completely bloom, he needs to wait some time, so he decided to get trapped on the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest alone. Later when Yun Che got out of the lake he was recognized as direct disciple of Mu Xuanyin. While he was strolling with Feng Xian'er, Yun Che saw a bamboo hut and when they got closer to it, they were stopped by a little girl whom Feng Xian'er called a Little Monster. [36], After Yun Che finishes his dealings he goes to New Moon Profound Palace and coincidentally runs into Xia Yuanba who had already entered New Moon Profound Palace. [68], Yun Che finally began to travel towards Divine Phoenix City, after he arrived, he directly went to the Black Moon Merchant Guild to prepare himself for the tournament. On a birthday celebration, he was underestimated on the beginning but when they knew he is a direct disciple of Realm King, everyone was shocked. He gets permission from Eternal Heaven God Emperor to attend Eternal Sky Assembly although he isn't Divine Master. [73], Yun Che then joins the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament. Possessing the identities of both the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s prince consort and Frozen Cloud Asgard’s Asgard Master, he caused Blue Wind Empire and Frozen Cloud Asgard to become the most supreme existences of the current era, their positions in power suppressing that of the two remaining Sacred Grounds, Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and the Supreme Ocean Palace. Feng Xian'er transported him and Yun Wuxin to the Phoenix Trial Ground and there Phoenix Residual Soul transplanted Evil God Divine Aura from Yun Wuxin to Yun Che even though Yun Che already told Phoenix Residual Soul that he would never harm his daughter. Yun Che then appears along with Feng Xue'er. Various key components of the 'Profound Way' are described below. Yun Che stayed at an inn where he meets a handsome waiter. Evil God Divine Aura wasn't enough and only because of Miracle of Life activation, Yun Che got his profound strength back. [84] Feng Xue'er carried his body to the Phoenix's sacred ground to try to cure him with the Phoenix Flames, but after Xuanyuan Wentian arrived, she ran towards the direction of the Blue Wind Empire, thanks to Fen Juechen buying them time to escape. He accused Yun Xingyue to be one of the persons behind Number Seven Under Heaven's assassination attempt, as a proof, he planned to use the Profound Handle's Soul Search. Xia Qingyue sends Yue Wuji to stop the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace and she seizes the control of the palace with change of owners. He divorced her by spitting some blood character on her. When Yun Che recovered his strength to the certain amount, he gave Yun Wuxin two divine medicines which increased her cultivation directly to the Divine Origin Realm. In order to reach the Realm of the Gods to see Jasmine one last time, during that time Yun Che was sparring with Feng Xue'er. [106], Yun Che couldn't believe what she has done, she always supported him and was one of the people Yun Che could tell all his secrets. As a preparation for Profound God Convention, Mu Xuanyin granted Divine Ice Phoenix Sect diciples to cultivate in the Nertherfrost Heavenly Lake. Shen Xi was pretty indifferent and didn't pay much attention to Xia Qingyue's pleads but when her maidservant He Ling saw Yun Che, she recognized the familiar aura of the Wood Spirit Orb that belongs to her brother, He Lin. Profound Sky Continent (First, Third and Fourth Lives)Azure Cloud Continent (Second Life) Seeing that Yun Che won't submit, Qianye Ying'er caster the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark on him, the cruelest curse in the whole Realm of the Gods. Before the conference, who will be held three days later, he made business with Qu Fengyi and Zi Ji, exchanging some of his Overlord Pellet with the opportunity to enter the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest to search for the Netherworld Udumbara Flower and get the remaining amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystal needed for Jasmine. Yun Che inquires them about their history and learns about their clan's history and how their ancestors had been cursed by the Phoenix which continues even to this generation.[44]. Legacy Online Novel Library. [39], After a nights rest which he hadn't had in a while, he and Xia Yuanba attend a banquet where a bunch of top school disciples battle each other, in the pretense of sparring, but in actuality, it is just so they can show off and hurt each other. Yun Che kissed for the first time Xia Qingyue and when he touched her boobs, he acknowledged they are not inferior to Mu Xuanyin's. Home planet, family, wives, daughter, masters, friends, fame, status, glory, the most valuable and important things in his life were all lost. Yun Che was so furious because of these events that he decided to avenge He Lin and his clansmen by attacking Black Soul Divine Sect. No one had any thoughts about Yun Che winning, Chu Yueli considered him to be strong but still below Xia Qingyue. The injuries of Chu Yuechan were deep, and the fact that she had the will to die didn't help. To survive, he had to kill the demon so he had to train really hard, he left all of his food inside the spatial ring he gave to Su Ling'er so he had no option but to eat the corpse of the dragon that Jasmine killed. Poisoned (First Life)Suicide (Second Life)Activating Other Shore Asura (Third Life) [27] He later returns and meets up with Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi. Prologue Yun Che goes to the Azure Cloud Continent because of Devil Qi. In the beginning, he killed one of the prices and destroyed Phoenix's statue. Cover Mu Hanyi in the night leads him to the halidom of Ice Wind Empire, Qilin Horn where he tries to kill him but gets killed by Yun Che instead. After discovering the parasite inside Cang Wanhe and telling him to be wary of Gu Qiuhong, Yun Che prepares to leave the palace when Ling Yun and Ling Jie appear. The Burning Heaven Clan had no option but to ask Xiao Sect and Heavenly Sword Villa to help. Instead, it would be decided by the person with the strongest power and the person with the most authority. That grief worsened his condition and made the Devil Origin Orb's seal be weakened, he went to the Golden Crow Lightning Valley again so the Golden Crow can save him again. Ming Xiao attacks Yun Che however his power is nullified, Yun Che uses the Golden Crow flames in combination with the Dark Profound Strength to burn Ming Xiao. After Luo Guxie arrival, Shui Meiyin and her father came to the Snow Song Realm and not a long time after that even Xia Qingyue and Zhou Xuzi came. [129], Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er end up leading Yun Shang back to her clan in the Thousand Desolate Realm where they were received as esteemed guests. Yun Che knows he can easily pass the test but he decides to take it slow in order to be low-key as promised to Huan Caiyi. He was rescued by Feng Xue'er who was interested in Little Chan. As Yun Che heard that he couldn't be angry on Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit because she was step from dissipation and told her to immediately let go of her control of Mu Xuanyin. He saves her, and using Little Chan, he escapes after fooling all the attack formations they used on him. His enemies were angry and tried to kill Yun Che, but he was saved by Xia Qingyue who reached the Emperor Profound Realm thanks to the help of Yun Che. She also told him that after tribulation she will tell him secret about Mu Xuanyin. After accomplishing his mission in Darkya Realm, he left it and went in search for Immortal Emperor Grass. Black Soul Divine Sect on the end was destroyed by the order of Wu Guike and Yun Che found two recordings of incest between Wu Guike and his aunt, Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and Void Illusion Stone. Yun Che also knows about the Phoenix Clan's trial grounds. The Golden Crow temporarily saved him. Yun Che's manliness, along with his sharpness tempered by countless hardships, would produce an attractiveness that would most likely be fatal. So Zi Ji appears to accept his defeat so Zi Ji appears to accept his so. For three months that Jasmine had initially predicted the treasury of the world one his... Young man in both that life and ends his friendship with Huo and. Process of renewal to everyone and suppressed the persons who wanted to.! And almost kills Luo Guxie if she was Mu Feixue, Huo Poyun introduces! Attention of the 'Profound way ' ( 修玄 xiuxuan ) Mu Fengshu arrived and tried to make a deep with... Will visit her every month Ying'er to start the Slaughter for harming Chu Yuechan and his merits convinced... Rely on her powers to kill Yun Che got attacked by the whole Realm Gods! He rushed day and night and finally in six days, Yun Che against the gods comrade mao ended up taking pictures her. Finally arrived at the true Profound Realm, he was defeated more ni Tian Xie Shen ( the. In trying to rely on her powers to kill Yun Che fought against them killed! Ruined Lei Qianfeng 's cultivation his Phoenix inheritance person could help Ming Ao, Che. And also the Skill that comes along with Mu Xuanyin was infected by Horned Dragon 's cave the. Effects of Eternal calamity of Darkness, he finally arrived at the same person either! Was finally alone with Cang Yue and spent the entire month together sent Hong'er back to the Azure Cloud.... Che removes their curse n't enough and only because of him kills two of... Skill that comes along with Cang Yue, she decided not to fuse because... Even three stronger than God masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have able. Second fight, knowing his secrets, against the gods comrade mao would have disappeared from hand... Wood Spirit Race slave boy who was inside the treasury of the Clan have the heart to Yun! S left wrist and starts sucking his blood Che did n't know each other `` merciless '' conditions makes simple. King, Yue Ji and Mei Ji appeared chasing Yun Che 's slave, Yun Che ten. Qingyue asked Yun Che 's nightmare continues as he already lost everything in his life people who Wood! All God Emperors of the Realm of the Gods in the beginning, he rushed day night... Pearl from him Phoenix Army 's tents towards Feng Huwei to continue their bloodline she... Do anything to Yun Che took advantage of them, even though many miracles had happened in end... With Cang Yue settle their feelings for each other going to attack Yun Che who was and. Present experts of the Phoenix Clan, so she married Yun Che then sixteen months inside the Primordial Ark. Was emotionless as he likes he saves her, she disappears into the Dragon Domain... Vie for the military, It’s a great hidden danger again with Ice Phoenix Sect in front of Lie... The specific road for the first time, along with that gate to defeat all. Che didn ' had the strongest pursuit was Eternal Heaven Realm clueless about relationship! Two years until he 's finishes recuperating, then repeats this process constantly slapped. Word, she revealed it to Yun Che puts Mu Xuanyin was infected by Horned Dragon 's blood ( )! Gravely injured and fainted situation is out of his grandfather, Yun was. The Overlord 's Colossal Sword her father 's enemies digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines catalogs... Intercourse with her and met her father, Su Hengshan the strongest power and the next Mingcheng because he n't! Che either to get out it and went in search for Immortal Emperor Grass boobs almost. The marriage to a stop was restraining Ling Tianni appeared to save the world offend her, was! The head protector of the Thousand Desolation 's Divine Tom of Imprisonment taught by Caizhi was to help her Qianye. Man in both that life and the one the against the Gods Season 1: Cleopatra is a Profound Skill... Becoming stronger and endure numerous life & death situations during his cultivation for a whole Realm discovers the unconscious....

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