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If you're going for the no-death bonus, having the Angelic set and Pupa/Thief Bug Egg Cards is recommended, and you should be extremely careful with Geographers hidden beneath bushes and trees, as well as Ungoliant on Field 7. Come Join Our Community Fan Page in Facebook, Farming and Leveling Guide for Levels 1-40, How to get FREE Infinite Stat and Skill Reset in Ragnarok Mobile, How to Speed up Bluestacks for Ragnarok M, IF YOU WANT TO LEVEL UP YOU BASE LEVEL, pick a mob with high, IF YOU WANT TO LEVEL UP YOUR JO LEVEL, pick a mob with high, IF YOU WANT TO FARM ACCORDING TO YOUR LEVEL, pick a mob with High. Search for leveling spots, skill guides, equipment guides, pet guides, card guides, and rune guides! The experience here is great and it's quite easy to kill Stings. 3. pure dex/agi ? Despite having a wolf in the original Hunter concept art, wolf pets were never implemented for the Hunter. help me what the proper way on solo leveling hunter up to 99 , im planning not to sleep nor eat just to level up, party leveling is my 2nd choice option if exp within high lvl is very low , 1 - 10 training ground 10 - 25 spore or mandragoras or muka maybe 25 - 50 wolf or hode maybe 50 - 60 mummies i … This is the final episode for my High Wizard Guide series. After that, with your build, at level 75ish, you could consider taking on Petites, which spawn on the map right before Glast Heim. Isis are great targets for AOE users like grimtooth and for Nightmares, I don’t suggest Assassins to hunt them. Not great EXP but Creamies drop Creamy Card, Honey and Silk Robe[1] can all be sold or kept for later. Thanks to Kevz Enriquez for correcting this part. WoW Classic Hunter Leveling Weapons The most important item for Hunters to acquire while leveling are ranged weapons, as that directly impacts your DPS output. (OBT is our Stage as of Now, that’s why there are tons of things to fix) Part 19 Melkaba, which can be found in Al de Baran Alchemist Guild has no portal yet. How to use this guide for those who doesn’t read: Before you proceed, here’s how to find your mob: Click the column header to SORT descending/ascending. Recommended level 80+ for either map. Beware of Vocal, although you should be able to kill it easily by now. Double Shot Gargoyles and bring some consumables or a Priest for healing. You can continue killing Fabres and Pupas for a chance at their rares. Get a bow with Santa Poring Cards in order to make your leveling easier/faster. Minorous are decent exp and the card is quite useful, especially for Pierce Knights. Although Exp is Lower and Mobs are tougher than Wolves, Byalan offers superior Zeny potential from the plethora of rare drops. Field 3 has 5 Geographers spawn on the small island, but there's usually competition there. 1 Background 2 Job Change Quest 3 Notable Hunters 4 Races 5 Armor 6 Weapons 7 Abilities 8 … First levels are going to be tough due to your low level Heal as well as your low INT and SP, but at least the level ups are fast. . Great map for EXP. However, at 75 Intelligence a Vertical Fire Wall will be enough to kill a Mantis while at 80 - 85 Intelligence a normal Fire Wall will usually work. It totally is worth it! At higher levels players should be able to self-sustain off Meat and Monster Feed from Wolves. You can get to Job level 50 here. Great map for EXP. At 119 INT and using a Hypnotist's Staff you can oneshot Mi Gaos 100% of the time with lv 10 Fire Bolt. Ds Hunter and Hybrid Hunter are use this stat. In this guide, we will discuss the most common methods to gather experience in this game. Thanks in advanced. Byalan Dungeon offers okay exp but very decent loot, between Swordfish, Phen, Marc, Merman, and Strouf Cards, amongst others. ". Mjolnir) Pyramid 3 If you have other leveling places in mind, please tell me so I can put it here. While Einbroch Field 4 has the highest spawn but may require more walking. By admin July 28, 2017. Luckily, Ragnarok M offers many alternatives to speed up the leveling process. You already have the right to go to Payon Field 10. Use a Wind Endow, or elemental weapon. It’s very fast leveling with this build. Level 1 can be done solo with a Wizard. You have to kite Mi Gaos due to their high damage. Archer Job Level 21+ Payon Field 10. Try to not get mobbed. New players should consider investing in a forged Fire dagger if you plan to stay here a long time and funds allow it. This guide only lists the best leveling spots to gain levels quickly in a particular level range and it does not mean that the spots are the best spots for farming. as High Thief), and quickly getting important skills such as. Always be careful of Geographers hidden under bushes or trees. OR, if you have good INT, go with a Priest, and you can bring in 1.5 Mil/hr for the both of you! This monster gives high job experience. Luckily, Ragnarok M offers many alternatives to speed up the leveling process. Ragnarok RE:START & RevoClassic Leveling Guide. This build for Auto-Blitz Hunter. You already have the right to go to Payon Field 10. What is the best low-cost class? Leveling spots are optimized by only killing monsters that do not have an EXP penalty at the character's current level. Yes, only three leveling spots to reach Job Level 42 or 50. Consider avoiding Marinas and Cornutus as they have a low HP/EXP ratio, and the latter has high DEF. To level up faster, see the list of ALL recipes from Ragnarok Mobile! Actually Anubis and Wanderer have the same JOB XP per HP Ration but I just put the Wanderer instead so it wouldn’t look redundant. Good EXP and great loot. Geographers sometimes may prove to be problematic as they can Heal each other. Welcome to our Hunter leveling guide. Keep using, Avoid Hunter Fly and Dark Lord. Avoid mobs. Simply Register here in and get 600 Rok Points Registration Promo. Mukas have a fantastic EXP to HP ratio while providing decent Zeny by selling Cactus Needles and Empty Bottles to players, also, Desert Wolf Babies drop Oranges (you can sell them to players too) and Meat, wich you can use to sustain yoursefl as your Novice Potions maight be running low at this point. Mukas have a fantastic HP/EXP ratio and provide decent Zeny by selling Cactus Needles and Empty Bottles to players. Stat at Lv.55: Str9 Agi40 Dex69. Good map for EXP and loot. However, the hard part comes from discerning which places are the best for grinding, or in finding the right tools that you’ll need to defeat the monsters that are roaming around. rock these chicks like no tomorrow. Nagrand is a bit relaxing. The Stats. Sting,Injustice, Anollian Item requirement. One of the best place for late levels, and you can get Glove[1] from Stings. This is amongst the fastest ways you can level as an Alchemist. When both Improved Dodge and Double Attack are maxed Mukas become good Steal Targets. Metalings give nice experience and zeny as well, so it's not a bad idea to kill them when you see them. At lower levels 1 Diagonal Fire Wall will usually kill but the easier to execute Vertical Fire Wall will take at least 2. You’ll unlock the Message Board Questsat Level 15. Wolves give very good experience and drop Meat and Monster's Feed as healing items, as well as Strawberry for SP or for selling to players for zeny.

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