blue buffalo cat food killing cats

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If he is used to a dry cat food, don’t expect him to change quickly to a canned food. I'm going to bring it back today and get him on something else," she said. I am still waiting for the form to fill out about the Vet cost’s due to the Blue Buffalo I had purchased for my pet. Best of luck! However, it is rare that their food is responsible for the illness," said. Animals may be a little luckier. Blue Buffalo is the latest pet food to be hit with a wave of consumer complaints alleging that pets became ill and, sometimes, died after eating it, … Virginia, let us know how they do with the change in diet. It took hours for the dark rock hard ones to dissolve, one they did I found a piece of plastic neatly cut on the edges during the forming of the kibble. Surely many dogs have suffered devastating health issues because of being fed Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness Dog Food. The only way to be sure is to see if he can return to normal with another high-quality food. Best of luck. I had to comment on this, because I my 4 year old cat has started to have a problem and I can’t figure out what. I will tell you that a smaller company that produces natural, organic type food is likely to be safer. In choosing a new food, feel free to call the manufacturer’s number on the package and ask questions. Store dry foods in a cool dry location free of pests. Every animal is different and not all react in the same way to various pet foods. She first had to be coaxed to even eat the food after initially enjoying it when first switched from the freedom puppy to adult food. Mary Victoria Blackwell on July 22, 2020:. ", "First and foremost – seek veterinary care. I think I need to conduct a bit of research myself on this food. Both my IBD kitty and my other current cat (that I adopted shortly after my other cat with heart disease died) still eat the same food (Blue Buffalo) that I was feeding three years ago. Carol North. He has had diarrhea ever since. You can order this online – They both died. Locally, buy a small bag of a good grain-free cat food with a different meat that the cat has been eating. She and we are happy to have changed brands simply for her benefit, I have no ill will toward Blue Buffalo, but the fact that changing one variable, her food, and the vomiting directly after eating has now stopped, there is little doubt what was the cause. On Nov 2, 206.. The Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Indoor Chicken Wet Cat Food is based on real chicken meat. From what I have been able to find out after the fact, they use vegetable-based protein instead of meat-based in the food, which makes the bladder more alkaline (meat is way more acidic than plant matter, and a cat's … What’s going on? Read those and see if you find similarities. The pet food company should be contacted. Diarrhea robs her body of much-needed electrolytes and causes dehydration. Sometimes the one Cat will eat it dry too! The pet food company should be contacted. After this I have found it difficult to trust anything I read on labels. Thanks for replying to me… I’m just now seeing it. There is nothing in it that could harm him. I have read that the company did change their formula in 2013 but I don’t have facts to back that up. Tell us which food you switched them to. If you dog or cat becomes ill, switching to boiled chicken and white rice may solve the problem but if it doesn't, it's important to get the animal to a veterinarian quickly. I hope you have successfully changed your dog’s diet and that he is doing well on the new food. ... Coming top of the list, and what is in my opinion the best cat food for cats with diarrhea, is this offering from Royal Canin. You need to run a test to see if the diarrhea goes away when your cat is off the Blue Buffalo for several days. First of all, it’s good that you decided to change your cat from Science Diet. Thanks for your comments, Thomas Bizzell. Ettinger, an academic veterinarian at Cornell University, recently commented in a ConsumerAffairs story about  similar complaints involving Beneful dog food. I just knew by looking at here she was going to die. Feed them like family. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. at the university’s Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, And further, Nelson says consumers should be wary of any pet food company that claims to have organic or holistic food. You’ll need a holistic pet store that carries those. True, but Joe Bartges, DVM, PhD, a professor at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville noted that FDA recalls may not always be issued quickly and cautioned against dismissing consumers' observations too quickly. Testing after production to insure product stability and freshness. He was eating, but the effects were noticeable. Just because the ingredients look right, it doesn’t mean that other problems can’t exist.  The folks at Monsanto are busily informing the public that genetically-modified foods are perfectly safe for us to eat.  If that is so, why are so many countries other than the United States banning these GMO foods?  Don’t place blind trust in any company.  Do your homework and research pet food just as you would your own food.  Then you will be able to make an educated decision. Blue Buffalo Cat Food Ingredients. I hope you will add your story to the Consumer Reports website on this subject. "But food-associated problems do occur. A veterinarian (and veterinary nurse in the practice) can help to collect information. I am so angry with these companies who falsely advertise their product and mislead consumers. All Rights Reserved. Carlene, I’m so sorry for your loss. In their defense, virtually all companies source their vitamins and spices from the Orient, be it China or another country. I will not recommend Blue Buffalo to anyone! For instance, cats and dogs should not eat onions or garlic, Nelson said. Report after report followed on this and other websites with stories like two Boston/Pug mixed breeds that were switched from another pet food brand to Blue Basic Turkey & Potato Dry Formula and for two years, did well.  Then the owners began noticing behavior problems and digestive changes.  The diarrhea turned bloody, but tests showed nothing wrong.  One of the dogs developed a bad rash.  The owners attributed all these changes to the Blue Buffalo® food. Try it and see if she will eat it. I tried the weaning approach. I am neither a scientist nor a nutritionist but years of studying pet food and how diet affects dogs and cats tell me that if a dog or cat develops a health problem for which no diagnosis can be found, it’s time to look at the animal’s diet and/or environment.

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