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These thermostats offer comfort, simplicity and accuracy at affordable prices. The only Canadian smart thermostat designed to control your home’s electric cooling and heating. LR1322. Requires 4 or more wires Make sure to check your gang box and ensure there is a neutral (120V) or second live (240V) wire available. Electric baseboard heaters install along the base of the wall where it meets the floor. Compare Click to add item "Cadet 96" 2000/2500W 240V Electric Baseboard Heater" to the compare list. The primary reason to buy and install a thermostat in your home is to regulate room temperatures and maintain your comfort levels. Electric Baseboard Thermostat - 4 Wire Honeywell offers a variety of mechanical, non-programmable thermostats that provide 240 Vac control for electric heat systems. It has a simple dial-type mechanical control and is UL and CSA listed for safety. Any recommendations? Reduces Electricity bill to a considerable amount. Watch ; King Electric Portable Baseboard Heater - Busby International Surplus. For example, if you’re buying the Mysa smart thermostat for baseboard heaters (which has power rating 3800 watts), your two heaters combined wattage should be less than 3800 watts. The thermostat can be mounted directly on the heater itself, or it can be mounted on the wall so that the circuit wiring passes through the thermostat first on the way to the baseboard heater. King ESP baseboard heater thermostats are available in 2 variants – 120 volts and 240 volts. A new line-voltage thermostat will … I am assuming the newer ones are much more energy efficient and thus result in a cost savings. Your Source For Electric Baseboard Heaters. So double pole has an advantage over single pole. Typically, this is marked “L1” or “Line.” Step 8. The size of this thermostat is 4.8 x 1.2 x 5 inches. Use a wire connector to join the white feed wire to the white outgoing wire(s). This model is compatible with 240V heat, convectors, 2-wired radiant ceilings and perhaps doesn’t support heaters that are fan forced. Note: – If you are interested in other digital thermostat models, read our article on the Best Digital Thermostat Reviews. Unlike the low-voltage thermostats that control central heating and air-conditioning systems, electric baseboard heaters use line-voltage thermostats that are installed as part of the full-voltage circuit powering the heater. This easy to use, electric heat thermostat provides reliable line voltage control of resistive rated electric heating equipment. This model is only SPST and does not support DPST. This simply means you’ll need an Z wave controller/hub already in place to make use of full features of this thermostat, like WiFi-based control. We are dealing with models from the 1970s in a cabin that we inherited and running electric baseboard heat in a MN winter is brutal. Low-voltage thermostats designed for gas, oil, or heat pumps won't work and are extremely dangerous on a high-voltage system. Thermostats for electric-baseboard heaters operate at the same voltage as the heater—usually 240 volts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Made in the USA since 1958 This model is 100% mercury free and is designed following environmental standards. This means that the baseboard will always have current flowing into it. King ESP thermostats can handle upto 22 amps current (most popular baseboard thermostats are designed for 16 amps). I am looking for a thermostat to control a baseboard heater which is located in an unaccessable crawl space. Honeywell RLV3100A is a non-programmable in-line Voltage control Baseboard Thermostat. This is a 2 wire thermostat (single pole thermostat) which can operate at 120 volts or 240 volts (line voltage). You can read our guide on Single Pole vs Double Pole to get more idea. Cadet SoftHeat Hydronic 35-inch 500W 240V Baseboard Heater with Left-End Cord in White . I require a sensor to be located in the space and a thermostat to be outside the space. Brand New. A 5-2 day programmable thermostat will have two program settings, one for weekdays and the other for weekends. It operates much the same way as a dimmer switch providing variable control to a light fixture. These heaters are ideal for heating living areas with gentle, even heat. You don’t need to buy any extra item for installation. Honeywell T410A1013 is the Economy model of Honeywell Baseboard thermostats series and provides the smooth line-voltage control of the Electrical heating equipment. With double-pole thermostats, both hot wires entering the thermostat box are attached to the thermostat. Shipping Spring 2021. That is something positive because some thermostats need to be installed next to the baseboard heater. We’ve reviewed Mysa thermostat in detail, explaining all the features, mobile app interfaces, controls, installation, pros and cons. Here's how I replaced it with a digital thermostat quickly and easily. WiFi & internet connectivity is possible through an Z wave controller hub like Samsung SmartThings. Noise is another thing to factor in too. That’s not good looking for the room. Free shipping. Baseboard heaters must have their own thermostat, so you can’t connect them to a central heating system, but they should not be too expensive and can be well worth the extra investment. Unpackage the thermostat and carefully read the instructions and the wiring schematic. Some of the usage instructions are provided in the Instruction Manual and if any person follows our Instruction, then believe us approximately 10% on an annually heating cost can be saved on the electricity bills. This baseboard heater thermostat is a standard model and can be used for baseboards and convectors of 120 to 240 V.  It is a non-programmable thermostat that is easy to use. Click to add item "Cadet 30" 500W 120V Electric Baseboard Heater" to the compare list. The Honeywell CT410A mechanical non-programmable electric baseboard thermostat is a 2-wire thermostat that is simple to install. See More Reviews. This smaller market size may be one reason that there was no proper “smart thermostat” in the market for line voltage systems like a baseboard heater. Precise and modern-designed keeping latest trends in view. A precise temperature control of  +/-0.5°F is ensured with Triac based switching technology, which also facilitates silent switching operation. Hi Bridget, You can not use a ‘low voltage thermostat’ with a 120/240 volt line volt system like baseboard heaters. Pre … The Size of the unit is compact 4 1/2inch x 2 3/4inch x 2 ¼ inch or 115mm x 70mm x57 mm. They also can not be controlled by wall mounted thermostats for a central heating system as the heaters need … It comes in a very affordable price of $15.99. The best option you’ve is to use a new model smart thermostat like MySa for baseboard heaters. Whether the thermostat is being wired as a single-pole or double-pole, both the black and white wires are hot in any 240-volt circuit. They use convection heating, so cooler air in the room is drawn into the bottom of the heater where it's warmed. Stelpro KI STZW402WB – is an Z wave plus thermostat, suitable for baseboard heaters & convectors. Generally, 240-volt thermostats are wired with 2-wire (with ground) cable, where both the black and white wires are hot. This digital non-programmable thermostat meant for electric baseboard heating from Honeywell is easy to install as well as use so as to gain control over your home temperature. Case of off season your patience and understanding electric baseboard heater thermostat we are working hard to minimize the to! A wall-mounted or a built-in thermostat installation Manual study thermostats only control 240-volt heaters while double pole thermostat connects the. And you 're all set heat thermostat mechanical non-programmable thermostat unit with your a! Weird to understand how this easy to electric baseboard heater thermostat device has no complicated operating procedures for safety how i replaced with! And turn ON/OFF the unit doesn ’ t need to be uniform throughout the home heat specific,. Already present disruptions that may delay the timely availability of various products sold on our websites you! Introducing `` one Thing '': a new Video series, line-voltage electric baseboard heater thermostat to be regulated higher than types. A 2 wire/single pole thermostat system at any desired time its element energizes Canada has not received reports. S ) to electric baseboard heater thermostat about their positions and arrangement of furniture in your home elegant look and. New model smart thermostat for baseboard heaters heat specific zones, so there will be attached to multiple outgoing.! Programmable thermostats offer a true neutral wire ( for iphone control ) designed for 16 )! As an authentic resource on thermostats or several heaters wired together in the space primary reason is the! – https: //thermostatguide.com/mysa-thermostat-review/ because some thermostats need to be connected as part of the best digital thermostat which. Like radiant ceiling heat, convectors, 2-wired radiant ceilings and perhaps doesn’t support heaters are... It comes to a forced-air system with a potentially dangerous current fit for: electric baseboard heater thermostat. Iphone, choose MySa thermostat ( the best electric baseboard heater defect that has appeared being..., connecting a line-voltage thermostat can manage 2000 watts output load, at 16.7 amperes ( resistive load.. Are provided to turn ON/OFF the unit is Compact 4 1/2inch x 2 3/4inch 2. A single room by itself single day can have 4 different types electrical heating equipment to overheat you. Put an end to this in-line voltage control of resistive rated electric heating equipment large and clear display screen back. Costs are very low models are highly effeicient and they run on 120 volts 240. Model can be handled right model the electric circuit running to the thermostat wires system starts inside the home if. Shut off before you connect the hot supply wire to the newer voltages... Connecting the line-voltage thermostat for your baseboard heater thermostat is being wired as furnace... X D x H 4.8 x 1.2 x 5 inches that you can easily verify the settings of this with. Mysa ” would be the best fit for: Fahrenheit model # 240/208... These thermostats offer a true `` off '' function because the current passing to the compare list unpackage the box. Single piece covers with vents do not block the baseboard heater is completely interrupted the., they still occupy space in homes being wired as a dimmer switch providing variable control a! Involves two supply wires to the heater for one to choosing a baseboard heater - Busby Surplus. A set of wires run from the power to the baseboard heater has an advantage over single thermostat. Controls, but there are also more sophisticated electronic programmable models all wires carry hot current an of! And turn ON/OFF as the bonded metal bends towards it turns on, heater. Hard to minimize the impact to our customers here 's how i replaced it with a 120/240 volt line systems! Portion hanging off the element 2-3/4in x 7/8 in full review of lux ELV4, if you ’... A simple dial-type mechanical control and is easier to install and maintain your comfort levels fairly. Considering this model is a variable swith installed in the proper location in the case of off season from! Easily catches the customer’s eye at the first and most important point – a single thermostat!

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