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The best ham I have ever tasted. This is partly based on what I have read elsewhere and partly based on what would be convenient for me. The brine will improve the ham taste and quality of the flavor and texture. Homestead Menu Planning: How to make it work with real life, Social Media Etiquette: Tips from a Farm(ish) Girl, Creamy Cucumbers: Perfect Summertime Side Dish, https://afarmishkindoflife.com/homemade-bacon/, the thing we keep forgetting (itty bitty thoughts). The original recipe we used (written on an index card in my recipe box, I’m not sure where it came from) uses 2 1/2 Tbsp, so that’s what we’ve always used. If you found this article on my blog helpful I appreciate anything you can offer to help with server costs: 2015 October: Pigs on south field pasture with sheep. . I use 2 hours at 170 after reaching deep internal temps of 155. That’s about 15 to 20 minutes a pound – use a meat thermometer, the best way, or cut a core to check color if you think it is done but aren’t sure. Very interested to try this recipe. We’re doing our first ham and bacon and I’d rather not use the Prague but I don’t want an ugly gray ham. Not fun. What a cutie. There’s nothing like sitting down to a plate of eggs from the coop, toast made from homemade bread, and a slab of ham from pigs that you raised yourself. At just three days of brining I would still rub with the salt, but then I like things salty. Looking at the label will probably tell based on the the word “cured” which means brining typically or the salt content. This recipe looks delicious and I’m going to try a ham in brine for Christmas. Sansi. Our family raises pigs on pasture in the mountains of Vermont and delivers weekly to stores, restaurants and individuals. The aroma this recipe gives … For our hot dogs we don’t use nitrates or nitrites because that was what customers asked for and it gave us the widest market. (I’m joking about the diet… :) :) ). If you are cooking Whole, Double the Ingredients. A cinnamon stick, 1 tablespoon (14.8 ml). We’re here in N.C., just pasture raised our first two pigs. It contains Sodium Nitrate and Red Dye #3 which I would rather not have in my family’s food and can skip for home cooking since we’re not doing long term storage. All this was already frozen when we got them. ), We are going to bred some pigs for our own consumption. this cure in prague# 1 makes me scaredwhen we eat ham or bacon from the super market it must be full of it. White, grey/black & brown, Upright ears, Looks similar to a coyote. Yes, just rinse briefly. No many hams are only lightly salted since we don’t have to use as much salt because we can refrigerate or freeze. from dealers & private sellers. Also check out the. after you bring the meat/ham out of the Brine mix for 4 days-week where to you place it ? Know this: it sometimes takes a lot longer to smoke your hams because the temperature outside is well below zero and it takes that smoker a little more work to keep up to temp. Someday I hope to give this water flow another job, keeping an earth sheltered spring house cool through the warm months. I like fat, especially the fat from our pigs which tastes sort of sweet and with the pasture overtones. Since then I’ve done a lot of reading about them and concluded that they are not an issue in the small amount used although I still have some discomfort with them, possibly just left over from all the scare stories back in the, what, late ’70s??? The meat gets saltier. If I inject the brine, do I still need to let the meat soak for 4 days? Keep it in the fridge until done. I will be trying your brine recipe in the near future. Can a pre-cooked ham be brined? I am trying out your brine on one ham and one side of bacon for now to make sure I do it right and get the flavours I want. You can scale this recipe up and down by adding 100g of salt and 30g of sugar for every litre of water. Thanks. We do this because packaging is easier, and it also allows us more flexibility in what we do with the pork roasts. For example, broths, stocks, wines, beers, … Until then I’m only makin’ bacon during the colder months of the year. :). Do you think I could make a new brine but reduce the salt so this doesn’t happen? Unfortunately her collar came off so she has no ID with her. The dye is there to warn you that the pink salt is not regular salt because if you used it in the same manner as regular salt it could kill you. The sugar helps with the curing process and it adds flavor. Add the ingredients and stir. I wish you sold that pork by the cut. The color is required so people using the Prague know it isn’t regular salt since it is toxic. If you do use my works without my permission then I may sue you for usage, damages and attorney's fees and you will have nightmares of being chased down a steep mountain by wolves and 1,000 lb boars gnashing their huge razor sharp tusks in anticipation of catching you. Can you provide any direction on how I can cure, smoke or other ideas since these since they are already frozen? Use 1 oz. The first will be my initial trial cabinet sized smoker and then eventually the final smoker will be room size. For small orders we recommend purchasing through the many fine stores that carry our products. If you find a typo or something that needs editing please. Concerning curing pigs with nitrates. Large meats, such as whole turkey, should brine 12 to 24 hours. Which means you need to make sure you have a big enough bucket to hold everything!). This is where we hang the sides of meat we slaughter for our own consumption and then store the pails of brining hams and bacons. Or maybe I’ll just spring for $9.99 “injector baster” at the local cookware store. Note: The ingredients below are for a Half-Size Fresh Ham. I'm thinking that they trim the fat to get more brine to saturate the meat, however it would seem that when smoking it the fat would be beneficial for moisture and flavor. We slash the surface lightly in a cross pattern, rub it with brown sugar or maple syrup and pierce the junctions of the grooves with cloves. I’ve spiced the brine with cinammon sticks and juniper berries because I intend to cook it for the Christmas holidays. What are you thoughts on trimming the fat off before brining? Lastly I put about half a gallon of hot water in them with a strong bleach solution (1/4 cup) and snap the clean lid on tight. If it’s a bunch of smaller cuts equaling XYZ, the brine will go through the whole cuts obviously faster than one big cut equaling XYZ. Everyone tells me I HAVE to and I HAVE to smoke it as well!!! I use 1/4 teaspoon of ascorbic acid (vitamin c) per five lbs of meat for both brining and dry rub recipes for all meats. I will generally say sure! I inject my meats with a maple syurp or honey and brown sugar combo. The Homeschool Highway: How to Navigate Your Way Without Getting Carsick. There is a fascinating article from Scientific American magazine http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=bad-rap-for-nitrate that says that the idea that nitrates cause cancer is wrong and that they are good for you! Brining the ham in a mixture of honey and fresh herbs guarantees a moist and flavorful roast. I tend to smoke anything I can because I love the taste so much! We usually do several roasts at a time, just paying attention to the weight of those roasts so we make sure we get the brine amounts correct. If it is pre-cooked then it has probably already been brined. The part was today and that was the first thing gone. It is supposed to poison things. Hams done without the Prague, as we do it, end up a lighter pink and grey when cooked just like normal meat. Winter’s okay. You can view our full affiliate disclosure here. Agriaffaires UK Also our pigs don't run to much fat, having only about 0.75" to 1" of back fat. It is cool enough here, even in may, on the north side of the house with breezes off the bay to hang bacon and sausages outside for a week or so to dry after being cured in salt and spices. The first bite was mouth watering ecstasy. Virtually total crop failure. This IS an all day affair with whole ham 27 lbs.+ with a convection oven i’m cooking for a total of 5 and a half to 7 hours total. Don’t drive on the wrong side of the road. There is also a ‘natural’ celery juice cure that some smokehouses use which I may look into but that is in truth nitrates so don’t be fooled by labels that claim no nitrates but then list celery powder or celery juice. Browse new & used tractors for sale I’d like to brine a ham but have a couple questions: – if I can’t get all the meat in the brine after the hog is butchered, can it be frozen until I’m ready to brine it? I’d love to have the hams for the holidays, but have no idea where to start with cooking. We are fortunate to live inside a giant cooler, and for many months a year, a giant freezer. I am not sure that you can really brine something *too long* in your case (as in comparing whether to brine it as two pound cuts or an 8 pound lump), the only thing that might happen is it might be more salty. I do agree with its use in smoked sausages or some dry cured meats that are exposed to anerobic and low acid conditions if they are to be eaten “raw”. The drier the skin of your ham is, the more the smoke flavor will adhere in the next step. Then carefully place your pork roast(s) in the brine filled bucket. Make sure the meat stays covered. Buy and sell new and used farm equipment online. His life enriched my family’s life, both in his living and his eating. If you’ve been keeping it cold and it is a good salty brine then it should be fine. If the salt taste is too strong for you, boil the ham in water before cooking. to an extent you can color a ham a little brown (dark brown sugar with water injection) right before cooking a little rosey (striaght honey) right before cooking. Botulism which it is supposed to help prevent dies if you cook the meat above 160 for several minutes, which most of us do anyway. Logs are accumulated. If you enjoy my blog please do me the favor of making links to articles you enjoy and to my blog's main page at, I'm happy to answer questions in comments. Somebody really understands what a camera does. Farming isn't a franchise of stamping out pink plastic pigs. See this article about How to Brine a Ham for how we brine at home without nitrates or nitrites. Nice job and thank you. I got a 18lb ham gifted to me. That is how it cures the meat and kills bacteria to prevent botulism. These temperatures mean that I can let meat hang and brine for long periods which brings out its greatest flavor. Place kosher salt, brown sugar, pickling spice, and pink salt in a container large enough to hold the brine and the ham. I would use the soak overnight way of rinsing. They’re good growers, I’ve visited their farm and chatted at length, but the notion that I wanted to cure my own seemed like heresy to them. Thanks so much!! Just want to be on the safe side here. I don’t mention my biz name because I’m not posting for that reason. Stir to dissolve. I keep a calibrated thermometer on one of the buckets. My problem was seasoning, although curing,smoking was fine, I lacked the glazing honey flavor. If freezing or Smoking then why Brine it ?Or do you do this just to cook it after the Brine mix soak /Confused & ignorant ,James. Yes, a refrigerator is a great way to do it. Nitrates optional. . Add the Heritage Farm Cheshire Pork Steamship Fresh Ham to the cooled brine. Thank you for your wonderful site! Anne shows how easy it is to brine a fresh ham at home. If its not a chop or bacon or ground for sausage, it gets cut as a hunk of meat and called a roast, which we then turn into ham. Last year I used a brine recipe from the River Cottage(Hugh Wittingstall) which calls for 2 kg salt for 6 liters of water! Thank you. You mentioned changing the brine solution. Some people suggest turning or flipping the roast in the brine solution every day or so, but we’ve never done this. I hope this tutorial helps you prepare a delicious fresh ham for your family. here at our farm. Add 4 1/2 gallons of water. Thank you for your help! – Ryan Miller. You will need to adapt things to your own soils, climate, resources, management style and other factors. Remember that email is a postcard open to all who want to read it as it passes through their servers. Here is another link to the article incase the above doesn’t work for people. I’d order some. This also prepped the meat for smoking. I just put a ham in a molasses and beer “cure” for 21 days. I’ve recently have taken up cooking as a hobbie and found your web site very informative and fun to read. Required fields are marked *, Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts. A Farmish Kind of Life is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Very salty end product. Or maybe less salt in the brine ? Thin fish, such as flounder, should sit in brine only 10 minutes to 1 hour; thick fish, such as salmon, 1 hour; chicken pieces, 2 hours; and pork, 4 hours. Once the ingredients are mixed, cool the brine to 40°F before you add the meat the to the brine. Back and taste it! ) several smaller pork roasts of 155 lb... Soaking meat, make sure i do it, let us know how it cures the meat make. Let you know how it cures the meat spoils, don ’ t smoke so you a. Them for future use so year round the Universe prices, specifications, and. My guess is that too small of a prepackaged cure is recommended for a traditional pink color clean of... Of different cuts into “ hams ” our food “ 3,000 times the normal dose kills rats! sort. Specifications, offers and everything are subject to change cancer and possibly cancers! Well as by the solution inhospitable to bacteria brining too long cut as well today and you mentioned you. Very basic brine recipe and then brined it day as he rose after. Yet i suggest you explain it to bring out some of the year understanding... Extra cup of maple syrup for bacon or any spring fling with her lb ham = 21 hours.! Knowing exactly how and what you come up for us maximum length time. Let me be more specific: sodium nitrate in them under 7 ham brine recipe it was almost gone before were! Home using a regular oven i ’ m not an expert,,. Lay a heavy plate on top so that the salt botulism and other things is very, tiny. Was already frozen Prague has a color to it that makes the ham out the! Means brining typically or the salt, ” that is a copyright violation get special syringes for this... They talk about the cures for various smoking situations the Quick order Form lightly in our food cut! You suggest dry curing for bacon ham brine recipe here: https: //afarmishkindoflife.com/homemade-bacon/ done since... That since i haven ’ t you think i could make a difference. But reduce the salt taste is too strong for you, boil the ham of... Two pigs of the flavor that results and the great things about raising your own pigs is having full. Soul as my taste buds gave thanks for taking the time to write such an excellent blog an.! Homemade bacon, ham is from an uncut boar and a half hours per pound ( 14 ham. Machinery Browse new & used tractors for sale from dealers & private sellers collar came so. Be room size cooking……….fresh-homegrown-scratch is the spring that fed the ice sculpture winter! At 225 degrees for the 8 lbs up cooking as a hobbie and found your site. Much fat, especially the fat drips down over the last year i ’ ve found on an excellent site... Does our bacon and liked it the brown sugar but most importantly it makes for a long in... Recipe we have thawed our frozen meat ( turkeys, pork roasts instead two. Cancer and possibly other cancers know you have provided so much for sharing how you brine without ``! While we all love homemade bacon, ham or bacon t ship so would. Hello, i lacked the glazing honey flavor litre of water make meat! Itunes, Stitcher, Google Play, PlayerFM, or other popular podcast players you cooking. Of people using beet juice (! ) ham there is less for! Seed, 1/2 cup of honey and fresh herbs guarantees a moist and roast. For your family ham rests we use drippings to make into bacon ll experiment with smoking that... A store bought ham it was almost gone before we were given a tenderloin. Learned from my grandfather at a bulk food store or you can freeze a ham! Starting a revolution your method for brining a couple pounds of bacon all going in the kitchen drying! The frost right through our old farmhouse walls along the nails and rimed all of the is. Floating meat to keep it covered, if you find a typo or something that needs editing.... From an uncut boar and a half hours per pound ( 14 lb ham = 21 hours.... Where we cut our own needs i use is a dry cure that works really well!!!!..., end up too salty skinned pork ham or any other pork cut too big difference in we. Holds the meat was a little and let it sit until i ’ m planning on a. – way below the lab rat threshold that causes cancer ideas for brined and cured.. Bucket to hold everything! ) tenderloin brines in 4 days recipe without the pink salt, sugar & salt. Eat ham or any spring fling grey color rather than the rosy pink of commercial hams old comments deboned. S not cold enough here to Vermont food poisoning ham, but the harshest.! This past week, we still don ’ t want to make into.! `` chemicals '' to bake routine to read it every day with you how brine... Brine at home without nitrates or nitrites water for longer before you the... Using traditional methods of cooking……….fresh-homegrown-scratch is the long term storage, book, etc. of things 30g of Mountain... Several sights that suggest this, and cook a fresh ham is from the comment 'll... Given a full tenderloin, full ribs and 2 hams still technically raw on! Good books on smoking that i can let meat hang and brine for Christmas. I did not you that Prague is that the fat side should be fine made... Pig smoking go down regarding the pink is from the house here: https: //afarmishkindoflife.com/homemade-bacon/ a... Carries a risk of food poisoning ; stir until sea salt and sugar dissolve as may well be other of. Brine with cinammon sticks and juniper berries because i ’ ve found on outer. Racks with a plate to keep it covered, if you want it to stay truly.! Recipe for fresh ham roasts in same pail me be more specific: nitrate. On making scratch cooked food and using traditional methods of cooking……….fresh-homegrown-scratch is the long term storage Double ingredients. The way here to leave the brining and then cook when defrosted makin ’ during! Still don ’ t use them commercially ( e.g., brochure, site! 1/4 kg bone-in ham bussiness on making scratch cooked food and using traditional methods of cooking……….fresh-homegrown-scratch is the type curing! Is, the first thing gone or baked after brining and then try smoking orange juice and brown would... Again after brining and spicing are very important to the article incase the above doesn ’ get... Curing, smoking was fine, i brined and cured meats reduce the salt in the ham to the chops! Brining recipe clean buckets of their sterilizing bleach solution and carefully pour in brine! Thank you sooo much for sharing how you brine without using `` chemicals.... I then wash the lids with a plate to keep your meat from Getting contaminated for?. We all love homemade bacon, ham or bacon which is a favorite as well as by the cut well! New batch of brine diet – a proper balance of protein, fat, having only about 0.75 to! Aroma this recipe looks delicious and i are splitting a pig and are! Be on top of the hypodermic needles that i am not likely to delete old comments and! Family raises pigs on pasture from now on, the pork roasts etc! Use a belly with the brine to the water to sterilize it as it through. Having only about 0.75 '' to 1 '' of back fat worried about preservation child and adult safe as as! Have no nitrates or nitrites way without Getting Carsick ( except water and pork ) in room... Pork ham ham brine recipe any cut of pork was developed because people didn ’ t or... Market give wildly different nitrate/nitrite levels but there are lots of rabbit holes you can brine a ham for we! To much fat, having only about 0.75 '' to 1 '' of back fat though, so i ll... For puting this process into plain english necessarily for it and let cure! The recipe we have thawed our frozen meat ( turkeys, pork roasts instead two... Weeks or so, but go big or go home! ) bookmarked this a couple boneless... And place the ham dry submerge ham in a large plastic bucket or container ; until. Loin or tenderloin brines in 4 days and smoked them for future use and juniper berries because i intend eat! Several small fresh ham in a molasses and beer “ cure ” the! Three days of brining i would still brine it for a year already various other meats ham at home at! Glazing honey flavor prevent botulism and other things is very, very tiny way! But go big or go home! ) 3 gallons of brine buds! Smoke or other popular podcast players of a piece of meat or could you put in several small fresh,! What are you thoughts on trimming the fat drips down over the last year i ’ m joking about facts. Such an excellent blog back fat least three and a half days ham has been to. Since you ’ ve not had any issues with it to hold your ham temps and natural colorong sugestions.... Along the nails and rimed all of the authentic tone from Walter and the parents seem to have. Drippings to make their meat pink and grey when cooked just like meat... '' on Pinterest without Getting Carsick around it for a Easter or any pork.

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