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It contains a potent enzyme Catalase, which quickly neutralises the colour damaging molecules from the hair. I can only think that the hair you lost was about to fall out anyway soon. 4)Somewhere on the web i read applying honey to hair leads to white/grey hair, so is it recommended to use honey? You often need to give it a few months before determining if it’s helpful or not. Thank you for sharing. During this phase, the hair might be more noticeable and perhaps appear darker or thicker — but it’s not. Rub crushed raw or unripe papaya into hair for 10 minutes to cure dandruff and hair loss. Consume it daily, so you ingest the nutrients. I know how frustrating and confidence-sapping being bald is thats why i took this painstaking mission to reveal to any who wants to try it. 3. Anyone allergic to onions should not use onion juice on their hair. You can apply the onion juice on the entire scalp if you want or just cover the bald patches. I’m not sure if you have access to spring water to wash your hair but perhaps you should try it along with the onion treatment. As doctor said may be the iron deficiency is the cause for this, still I’m having medicines , but it seems no change. One of its plans, Nutrisystem for Men, caters specifically to natal males…, © 2004-2020 Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK, a Red Ventures Company. I tried the onion juice method and i really like it, the problem that I have is with the smell afterwards, do you have any advice/recommandations to make it less stinky ? So my questions are, Massaging the scalp should boost up the blood circulation and aid hair growth. Eating healthy. Pls reply me quiet detaily . – The honey and onion mixture can also be taken orally. I use only onion & garlic juice for one hour .is it’s right method? If there is no skin reaction, you can gradually extend the period which you leave it on the scalp. Now I losted lot of hair.late sleep,thinking always for anything. Daily using. – If you’re bothered by the strong smell of the onion, add some lemon juice or rose water to your hair rinse. I might do it soon. The reason for shampooing the hair after staying with the onion juice on your scalp for a certain amount of time is to remove the potent smell of the onion. There is not a single solution that fits all, and results vary between different people. I have been also suffering from hair loss n dandrufness since last 2 years,can u tell me wht is reason for hair lossing??? The second step it to treat the symptom and there are several ways to improve hair growth: onion juice, castor oil and rosemary. If you are afraid that frequent shampooing will damage your hair, use a mild shampoo, such as baby shampoo. There’s no doubt that onion is beneficial for your hair, but it is advised to use it as an oil, so that your scalp doesn’t get irritated. Can I directly apply castor oil..!! Use whatever oil that works best for your hair/scalp. Shall we apply onion juice n honey mix after applying oil to hair? Either strain the water or use the blended paste as it. Benefits of Onion Hair Oil – Onion Oil For Hair Growth : In this section of the article, we will now try to find out the benefits of onion oil. This is not a quick fix and patience is required. Which shampoo i hv too use….when i apply onion juice…. I lost only about 20 strands in total during and after the wash. After that till my next hairwash I lost only 4 or 5 strands, which is totally amazing. I believe you need to give it more time to see if it makes any difference. When people notice their hair is changing, this can be a blow to their confidence. I will definitely give it a try and share my experience. Hi its really u got the full hair can give ur contact number. It’s up to you how often you want to apply them, but usually for hair growth it’s at least 3 times a week, but there are no strict rules. Hi, is it advisable for man to use olive oil on his hair? You can try the method mentioned in the article, or any other method listed at the end of the article with the relevant links for more information. Hello myself Waseem i am 25 year old.actually my hair fall problem was incrasing day by day and still continue so i just consult a hair expert last year then he suggested me Minioxidil hair oil and tablet also.I am using oil and tablet from last 1 year but my hair fall problem is still same and my hair on the top portion become so thin that my scalp is getting visible. I don’t know but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Results vary between different people so I don’t know if it works or how it works in your case. Thank you for replying love your blog and you always reply back when people ask you questions. Apply the juice to the scalp or the hair roots. and is this good for daily use or weekly?? You can apply to the whole scalp if you have thin hair or cover only the bald patches. Later, rinse your hair and scalp using a mild shampoo. Sulfur is also found in keratin, which is one of the components of hair. Nutrients in the onion juice applied to the hair may nourish the hair follicles, which might increase volume, shine, and improve hair strength. Just take it out of refrigeration and let it sit for a while. If you have oily scalp, then probably it’s better to use only the onion juice without adding the coconut oil. However, after 3 months, some improvements were noticed, but this route financially would break the bank. Has anyone found out what the active ingredient is in onions that makes this treatment work? Every person is different, and results vary between different people. Onion juice hair growth success is sure shot when it is used regularly in … Sorry to ask so many queries but it would surely help all. I don’t know. Fresh is always the best. I use sun silk shampoo for many years .I wash my hair daily. Howmany times in a week u r using oil? Hi Sreeja, as I’ve replied to several readers before, there is no 100% guarantee for any method to work. Learn more…, A calorie deficit occurs when a person does not consume as many calories as they need to maintain their body weight. Onion and onion juice can help you re-grow your hair. Even i gave a gentle massage only… But there was more hairfall than normal…. Your are so cooperative. Shiny bald areas have completely filled in. Required fields are marked *. am using ritha (soap nut) after using this also there is a hair fall n my hairs become rough.. plz suggest me wht to do how to stop hair fall.. Hi Nida, I believe you’ve lost hair during massaging the scalp with the soap. Hi Rock, there are several methods to encourage hair growth. Don’t heat the juice since it can destroy many of the juice’s potent qualities. If I buy the commercially prepared onion juice, can I still use it, since it have to be prepare fresh every time you use it? Thank u mam… I will continue to apply… I ll tell u the results, This is Raj male 36, I have been using onion juice past 1 month weekly 4 times.I did not see any results yet.I hope i will see :). I’m glad it worked for you. Take a medium sized onion and take the juice out of it. Also Can we apply Olive Oil and Onion juice together for once or twice a day for say 2 months. I respect each ones contribution over on this platform. You can mix onion juice with coconut oil. I began losing my hair at age 19 and over the years have tried lanolin, bear grease, bone marrow, regular scalp message, and now onion juice Nothing works. so i use this treatment in sunday Please keep doing what you do! Yes you can reduce the days of application but dont stop it altogether. Aoa from last 1 year I m facing hair fall problem. I don’t know what the effect is of using both methods in comparison to using only a single one. Hi Deepika, even i was facing the same problem when i shifted in Bangalore from Delhi but i started applying mixture of Extra virgin olive oil, castor oil and garlic So, it takes 48 hours to penetrate ur scalp. According to the study mentioned in the article, the participants applied onion juice twice daily for two months and then the results were compared to those who only used tap water. onion juice regrow hair of androgenetic alopecia {male pattern baldness} patient or not. 2. am only 18 years old boy. Then i use it,any problem is occured wiht my hair or sclap ? Honey adds moisture to the scalp and is good for maintaining a healthy skin. Also results vary between different people. Dry the onions using a towel and then peel … its not like u wakeup tomorw morning with full hair. Peel the onions and chop them into tiny pieces. Onion and Curd Hair Mask: Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of onion juice; 2 tablespoons of curd; Preparation time: 5 minutes. It’s Ben 2weeks and it’s looks like it growing grip top and back. but i have one issue I was wondering may be if it’s my shampoo(Patanjali) that wasn’t effective enough in cleaning my scalp because i could see my scalp with the onion flakes for days and could it be the reason to clog the pores and make the hair to fall? red onions means which is used in cooking. PLEASE TELL YOUR SUGGESTION TO REGROWTH MY HAIR AGAINST THIS DESALINATION STORAGE WATER AND CLIMATE, AND ALSO TELL ME THE ONION TREATMENT IS WORK OUT FOR THIS COUNTRY. Charlotte Doyle, 19 I applied onion mask on hair several times (onion paste + … Also here we will try to understand the effect of onion oil on different health problems. What you can do is try the castor oil method (more information here), and add to it coconut oil. I’ve been thinking how about using lime to add into the onion juice instead of lemons to reduce the strong smell ? You can try perhaps the last recipe in this article (method 2) which combines several treatments together. In case if i use onion juice and my hair is regrown back. I can only believe that the hair you lost was about to fall out anyway soon. Results vary between different people – some may find it helpful, while for others it will not do the job. You can’t know until you try. Once a week is not enough to promote hair growth. 1. I am applying hair oil daily, so I can apply d onion juice at the same time ,how to apply that juice ,how to make it Is it possible to blender more onions at one time and use the juice several times or i need to prepare the juice each time. So can I apply onion juice now and wash it after a hour is it OK. It’s really up to you. You apply it to your scalp. I want d entire procedure. Suggest an ans pls. i do job There aren’t any bald spots but density of my hair should increase a bit. It does not available where I live. Hi, is it OK to use the onion juice as a leave in treatment. Yes, you can. can i add castor oil onion and garlic together? Leaving it for a longer period is up to you, as long as the smell doesn’t bother you and as long as it doesn’t cause you any skin irritation. 4 weeks only.. If you have hair fall which is not too much but still you wish to put a stop and you also wish to make the hair grow longer faster then this remedy can be used. To extract the juice, you can use a food processor, a blender, a grater or a juicer. I don’t believe you’ve lost the hair because of applying the onion juice. Sometimes only experimenting with the remedy can reveal if and how much effective it is in your case. 3) You don’t have to wash the head before applying onion juice. To be sure that onion juice does not cause significant irritation, doing a patch test before applying the liquid to the whole scalp may be useful. Does using onion juice for scalp twice in a week helps preventing receding hairline? Not that i am skeptic but want to see some pictures proving the onion juice cure for the hair regrowth. Now I have hair all over my head, thin, short, but its there and growing. In the following article, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 ways to use onions to boost hair growth. 2. I am working in gulf countries. Using homemade hair oil for hair growth is much more effective, soothing and relaxing than quicker and hazardous chemical hair treatments in the salons used in the name of hair care. Hi Sam, there are various types of onions, and they are all vary slightly in flavor, texture, and color, but can usually be substituted for one another. Hope this was helpful! Someone suggested me to mix shampoo with onion in the blender, put the mixture back in the shampoo bottle and use it for washing my hair on a regular basis. When you buy castor oil, make sure it is cold pressed castor oil. The participants in the research mentioned in the article used it topically and not internally. Antioxidants are believed to protect the body from free radicals. Drinking 10ml Amla juice in empty stomach first thing in the morning. Grind one small onion with honey and a pinch of turmeric to make onion paste. Hey bro!! It feels very thick like when I was a teen. Also, the use of onion juice is not going to grow hair quickly. For this reason, it is important to mix garlic juice with other ingredients to reduce the chances of skin irritation on the scalp. after use of onion juice which oil can I use in hair. 1)Applying Onion juice alone gives best results or mix of onion and castor oil gives best results, i mean which of the both is best recommended? Use it daily (or minimum three times a week) and allow at least two months for your hair to start becoming stronger and shinier. Onion oil can prove to be useful in the problem of diabetes. ?which give better result as i said my scalp is oily type and is it ok to use herbel shampoo thrice in a week? According to the research, 87% of the participants had hair regrowth by using the onion juice twice daily on their scalp. Every night i apply hair lotion that contains sabal extract… Guys if i boil onion and use that water wen it has cool down uplying it on my scalp will it work? me to have itching and dandruff may be you need to dilute it with oil or you must wash it after 30 minutes. But no gain.Facing same problem. Hello, I don’t know. For example, free radicals may destroy the hair follicles and lead to thinning and loss of the hair. When applying onion juice only, the recommendation is to leave it on the scalp for a while (at least 15 minutes, longer if you can tolerate the smell), but usually when you shampoo your hair it is a much quicker process, so probably there won’t be enough time for it to work. Otherwise regular shampoo will do the job. I’m not sure about olive oil, but you can use castor oil which is known to encourage hair growth (see more information in my article How Castor Oil Can Improve and Regrow Your Hair). Onion juice with Almond oil for hair fall and hair growth. Hello my name is ajmal, my hair is v dry and rough and also damged and weak…so i always keep v short, is there anyway to increase hair growth and make my hair strong,thick just like normal hair? Hi I’ve been using onion and garlic juice (overnight) for the last 2 to 3 months but i see no improvement in my hair fall!!! What should I do? Regrowing hair takes time – more than a month. Apply the onion juice and honey paste onto your scalp. You can also try other methods such as rosemary or castor oil. For example, you can take 100 grams onion paste for making 800 grams oil. (I use tea tree oil or lavender oil) The oil must seep into the scalp follicles and not clog the hair pores. Or can i use shampoo to rinse it? 4. I’ve seen several references about ginger for hair loss. Cardio and weights training approx 10 hrs per week. From sources I’ve looked at, big onions are suitable as well. How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil for Hair Growth and How to Use Rosemary for Treating Hair Loss. Doctor prescribed me viviscal lotion but its also not work plz help. This is where the hair strands are most vulnerable. You can use it daily or minimum three times a week. 5. With the help of a strainer, extract the oil and store in a non-metallic container for use. You may want to discuss it with your doctor. When I comb my hair,more than 30 strands of hair lose in each time,massaging my hand is full of hair, but it seems there’s no regrowth in my hair, and now it is really thin, what can I do for this?? I have started using onion juice but i hate onions honestly and it smells really bad even after mixing lemon juice , so want to ask u how to get rid of smell so that my frndz don’t find me stinking and how to wash hair daily without using shampoo bcoz it affects hair if i use shampoo daily , plz help thanks. The main source of tap water in the Arabian Gulf is desalinated, but since the seawater is polluted, it causes more bacteria growth. It is says there that shaving gives the hair a blunt tip, and the tip might feel coarse or thicker for a time as it grows out. If you don’t see any improvement, discontinue with the treatment. Last year I shifted banglore n after dat I m facing the hairfall my hairs r vry thin n they r going to gray my doc says my foliciles r very weak he advice me some diet plan n sime medicine but It is not working plzzz give me sol for my hairs I loose my confidence n vry depressed.. Hi Deepika, the most important thing is to find the reason for the hair loss so you treat the problem from the root rather than treating only the symptom itself (read my article about common causes for hair loss). which i brought from medical store? I hope his hair grows fast like mine. Earlier my hair started becoming so thin because of hair fall that the upper portion of the scalp became visible, but trust me after this onion remedy my hair has regrown and my scalp is no more visible as its totally covered with hair. The Best Foods And Nutrients for Healthy, Strong and Shiny Hair. Will applying onion juice brings back hair on that side ? You are one of many, and replying to all the people takes time. After grinding, separate its juice and mix it with 5-6 drops of coconut oil. This is not a quick solution, and patience is required. MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. Squeeze the juice out. please advice if I can re-get my lost hair’s and thicken it . Im using onion juice on my head .. Start before 1 weak.. and thanks for your informations. 1 part of onion paste is required. is there any side effects of applying onion paste on heads of teenagers? 3. I believe you’ve lost hair during massaging the scalp. You have at the end of the article other methods for treating hair loss.

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