low starch high fat horse feed

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So, you need a feed that’s low in starch and sugar. Triple Crown Low Starch was recommended to me by another boarder at my barn. In addition to visible signs – weight loss, dull hair coat, diminished muscle tone, reduced activity levels – the older animal is undergoing internal changes. This feed is also suited for those who tend to have allergies, ideal for HYPP horses as the feed contains a low potassium level and works well for senior horses in winter in order to avoid the bricking of textured feeds. “It’s all about finding alternative sources of calories, getting away from starch as a calorie source and moving toward more highly digest… The ingredients listed on the website are in your bag of feed now. ), 315 Lake Street East, Suite 300, Wayzata, MN 55391. They also include amino acids for better topline support, gastric support for performance horses, and low starch and sugar levels for horses with metabolic concerns. E-TEC ® Super Premium Horse Feeds contain the latest science based technology to provide horses . Feed a reduced calorie diet & increase exercise. Kelp meal, a natural source of micro minerals, helps aid in structural soundness and improves protein and energy utilization. Do not feed more than 0.5% of body weight at each feeding. • This horse feed is manufactured by Tribute, and even though it’s for … Ration Balancers. Thank you for this product. My farrier says he can see the difference among his client's horses on Triple Crown. Triple Crown Complete is ideal for the adult horse, harder keeper or performance horse. More Info. Low starch/heavy fortifications also excellent for Laminitis/Founder-prone and/or CUSHINGS syndrome. Increases fermentation and decreases digestive problems such as hindgut acidosis in the digestive system of the horse. The teeth become less efficient in grinding food, the small intestine becomes less efficient at absorbing nutrients, and the fiber fermentation process becomes more delicate and easily upset. Other quality fibers include soy hulls, wheat middlings and alfalfa meal. Purina ® Amplify ® High-Fat Horse Supplement helps hardworking horses maintain their weight with a concentrated source of calories that can be added to the daily ration. Use Triple Crown Growth until the age of two, then contact Triple Crown for a feed recommendation. Thank you for such a great product. New feed bags will match these improvements over time. Comes in pelleted form. Manna Pro ® Safe Performance Special Diet is a simple way to ease your feeding concerns if your horse is prone to metabolic disorders related to high starch intake. If you’d like to learn more about horse feed ingredients and what sets Triple Crown apart from the competition or would like a recommendation on the best feed for your particular horse, please contact us today. Safechoice Performance. Learn about the high-quality, med-free and 100% traceable horse feed, BUCKEYE Nutrition. Benefits of a High Fibre, Low Starch Diet for Horses. Horses are trickle feeding herbivores that have evolved to consume a diet rich in structural carbohydrates (fibre), but low in soluble polysaccharides (starch). Typically, Triple Crown Senior is recommended for horses that can no longer maintain their body condition on a normal hay and grain diet. A beet pulp-based feed high in calories, fat & fiber and low in nonstructural carbohydrates (Does not contain corn, barley, or oats). More Info . By Hallway Feeds. Most horse owners are familiar with the fact that traditional grains such as oats and corn contain high levels of starch (40 to 60%), as do some commercial performance feeds. ), Cellulase* (Trichoderma Longibrachiatum Fermentation Extract) (min. Recommended by veterinarians, you can feed it with confidence and know that your horse will get the calories they need without high-starch grains or molasses. ), Protease** (Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Extract) (min. No Grain - Low Starch - Calorie Boosting.

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