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Either way, the common name of marigold has to do with the plant’s initial use as an offering to the Virgin Mary – the flower was given in place of gold coins. Symbolism of the Marigold Flower Aside from being offered as a sacrifice to gods from Christian, Aztec, Buddhist, Hindu, and Pagan religions, this little flower has strong ties to the sun and its power to resurrect. One of the pieces we wrote during our training was published in an anthology for our class of trainees. She was the youngest child of Hamfast Gamgee ("The Gaffer") and Bell Goodchild.She was Samwise Gamgee's younger sister. I agree that Marigold is a fantastic name. The common name Marigold comes from the plant’s use as an offering to the Virgin Mary in the place of gold coins. You may be wondering how on earth I came up with my blog name, “Marigold in Middle School.” Once again, Abydos training is where this idea began to “bloom”. Too cute! Variations & similar names, nicknames, middle names and famous bearers for the name Marigold Variations & Similar Names Madrigal, Magdalen, Maribel, Mariposa, Maristela, Marjoram There is a girl here on Y!A with the name Peppermint for her middle name. Leslie August 19, 2012 at 11:23 am. It’s sunny, sweet, and spunky in a wonderful way. It’s a great name if you’re trying to commemorate a parent or grandparent who had the name Mary or Maria, but you want something slightly different. This English name was very popular in aristocratic families, and the cheery orange-and-yellow flower is often seen as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. 15. Marigold was born on TA 2983 (SR 1383). I am starting to think that the middle name is the place to really have fun with the name. ), .. How popular is Marigold? The common name "pot marigold" comes from the German inclusion of the orange petals into stews and pot casseroles to inject some colour. Marigold. Marigold is an unusual last name too for both adults and children. Patula , French marigold's species name, means "spreading," which is particularly apt, in more ways than one. I … 16. Marigold (Gamgee) Cotton was a Hobbit of the Shire.. History. Marigold is an unusual first name for women. This name is derived from that of the religious prophet, Tages, who had a powerful influence on Etruscan culture. Poppy The first part of French marigold's botanical name, Tagetes, is derived from the Etruscan god Tages, who is said to have sprung in all his glory from freshly plowed soil. I think you should use it! Used in herbal tea mixtures, the petals are said to have been used since Ancient times as a medicinal remedy for stomach cramps, digestion, period pain, and acne. I think Marigold is the kind of name that would make a girl feel like a princess. And kids seem to love it. (2000 U.S. CENSUS) Marigold was first listed in 2017 and reached its highest rank of #1417 in the U.S. in 2018. MIDDLE NAME PAIRINGS Marigold Lily (M.L. Marigold's last name I do not believe that TV Tropes qualifies as a canonical source as far as Marigold's last name, but would like to open it up for discussion before rolling it … Yes, the name IS happy and cutesy , but that's the charm of it.

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