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RV furnace clicks but won’t start. For example, the igniter can be malfunctioning or dirty, and, as such, can allow for gas build-up. Frequency of start-ups is not the same as short-cycling, which is actually characterized by how long the furnace runs for when it does turn on. Vaccum all the possibel areas isnide. Make sure you disconnect your propane supply (or at least shut it off) before removing the furnace and disconnecting the propane line. We have plenty of propane. If the furnace keeps cycling on and off despite the temperature meeting then there is some problem with the furnace functioning. Gas regulation is key to proper heat distribution. This can be caused if the furnace vents are blocked. We have seen such a issue with our suburban furnace last year. Just like Jayco, Keystone is a subsidiary of Thor Industries, though it’s younger than Jayco by about three decades. Following this, they can be soldered and wrapped using electrical tape or you can even twist them safely within a wire nut. I can take one in any section of my RV and heat whatever area I choose to. Atwood is probably the oldest of the manufacturers listed here, having been founded in 1909. Most of the ducts that run from the furnace run from the bottom through the entire RV, heating it up evenly. When it comes to the electronics, I always contact a professional. The most common reason why this would happen is again the heating problem. In order for the furnace to start running, you need to set the thermostat for a temperature that requires the air to be warmed up. Turn the power to the furnace off and disconnect the wires from the thermostat. Occasionally, it’s just an issue of tripping a circuit breaker. The thermostat is not connected to the onboard batteries in some RVs. That way you can be sure if there’s a leak or not. If feasible, let your hand run along the line while trying to feel any areas which have been either damaged or cracked. In case it is a problem related to low battery, the thermostat will begin to function normally while the furnace should be firing once again. It just takes longer to go away with some RV furnaces. The vent could be collapsed or here could be issue with the circuit board. Capacitors store high-voltage power and there is a chance to get electrocuted if you attempt any repair. Any of your RV appliances making noise is disturbing. It sounds like a relay clicking on and off, probably about 6 to 8 times. Lets check out the furnace problems and how to fix them. Three batteries might be the golden standard, though, but not more than that. Bad wiring is a common issue and usually requires professional assistance. This has to be fixed and its a good idea to take technical help here. This is one of the most common furnace problems. Duo-Therm is a company that specializes in RV furnaces. Furnaces are designed to make sure they are turned off once the temperature is reached. Consequently, the panel should be checked for making certain that every single breaker for the thermostat and the furnace is switched on. Most of the problems will get addressed here, but I’ll summarize them nonetheless. If the furnace starts, the problem is either with the thermostat wire or thermostat. They can be found at www.keystoneforums.com, with hundreds of threads discussing various RV topics. The flame would start up, but if it isn’t steady, the safety valve closes up and extinguishes it. At times even anything as basic as the corrosion of the terminal of the battery will impede the efficient distribution of the required electricity. On the majority of the RV propane furnaces, the igniter requires a minimum of 10.5 V for firing properly. Make sure the thermostat is is fine working condition. Tie the red and white wires together, and switch the power on. I would get rid of as much moisture as I can, then proceed to replace all the fuses. The internal furnace switch wont let the furnace ignite resulting in less heat. That’s not how it should be done. If you notice cold air blowing from the registers in your home, … The most common ones with Keystone models appear to be intermittent heating, lack of air flow and lots of clicking noises. If it is possible, try to use a backup battery which is able to produce in excess of 10 V. Being disparate, you might be using the 12 V battery from the tow vehicle or the motorhome although this will be your “Last Ditch” effort. However, there are solutions to it. It might be a simple tool, as it only opens and closes, but it’s extremely important to the furnace. We have seen this happening when the furnace reset button would trips suddenly. In terms of Forest River furnaces, they usually have issues with no ignition, cold air blowing or will simply not start. This is common issue with new purchases. The furnace needs at least 10.5 volts DC and sometimes more to open the valve. Understanding how your gas furnace works will help you diagnose problems. Normally these smells only come from time to time. Otherwise, your furnace won’t start. The battery is fine, and when checking the furnace it makes 3 clicks but the fan never starts. Make use of wire brush to clean the dust over its components. The first thing that we do is to make sure clean it. Sometimes, only the valve coil might need replacement, not the whole valve itself. If I were to have an ignition problem with a Suburban RV furnace, all I’d have to do is clean up the burner and check the wiring. Of course, a faulty blower must be replaced as soon as possible. I ought to stress that not all of the solutions above apply to all RV furnace models out there. I would also suggest buying a propane cylinder that also has a leak detector and a gas gauge. Replacing igniters should be, and I have to stress this, something that an RV specialist should do. In case no evidence of any gas is found within the system, it will be imperative to check the system thoroughly beginning with the tank. However, the combustion impeller could also have some damage, resulting in less air flow. First, I must make sure everything related to the furnace is turned off since I don’t want to be shocked by electricity. Luckily, most service centers handle Atwood RVs, so if troubleshooting doesn’t help, professionals will. There are some RVers who’ve mentioned the smell of burning rubber not going away. The best thing to do is to just let the furnace work normally. Now it just won't even start. If you are having problems with your RV furnace, you do not want to have to take the vehicle in to have it serviced. Just like with igniters, I always advise consulting a professional when replacing the gas valve. In fact, each specific brand has its own unique issues. Cautiously strip one inch of protective layer back on the two exposed wire sections. Once again, the low battery voltage can be the issue here, so the best thing to do is to replace the battery. If either one of the two fails in some way, the fuses will keep blowing. There will be times when the furnace backfires severely. In this case it happens very fast. Other possible “culprits” could be the sail switch being on, blower motor problems, or the time delay relay switch being closed instead of open. Not great news for an RVer like myself and so many others. In case there’s a gas leak, I don’t think twice at all. Never take your RV anywhere without a full furnace propane tank. If you are in warranty then the company would replace it. These wires might even have to be cut and reconnected later. COPYRIGHT © 2020 CAMPER GRID - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, How To Prepare For Winter RVing (RV Winter Camping Checklist), What is the Best RV for Boondocking (Tips For Choosing). And then, there are the propane tank problems. We are out of ideas. However, the sail switch itself can be the cause of this issue. The igniter is the part of the furnace that lights it up, and once it’s broken, there’ll be no heat. Luckily, the problem is common enough that every technician or repairman will give the same answer — it’s the control board. In the majority of these cases, it will be imperative for the entire unit to be replaced given that the sensor is going to die. 10. The blower motor turns on after receiving a message from the thermostat. Furnace won't ignite. With modern RVs, removing the furnace is easy. If the furnace motor doesn’t start when you turn up the thermostat, the possible problems are the fuse for the furnace, the thermostat, the module board, the small fan relay that is separate on older model furnaces, or the motor itself. Whenever people ask me how to replace igniters, I always tell them to call a repairman, as igniters are very delicate. Also, while I’m checking the thermocouple’s voltage, I go over the voltage of other mechanisms linked to the circuit too. In most cases, its a standard functioning though. Aside from the igniter breaking down, other possible problems could include a faulty thermocouple, a … However, a different problem might be insufficient ventilation. The RV thermostat itself could have gone bad resulting in control cycling on and off. The reason why people still like using them is because of how reliable they can be. If it does not then take help from the technician. Snip out the section which has been damaged by making use of a wire cutter. The RV furnace will fire up,but for some reason won’t stay turned on. You would get the replacement if the issue isn’t resolved. In addition, it’s easier to access and perform repairs from its position. I’ve already outlined how to replace an igniter earlier in the text. Once it is out you should see a circuit board, with a 4 pin wire coming from it. If you are low or simply … Check your thermostat when your furnace won’t start. Expert RV Armor Reviews: How Much Does RV Armor Cost, Does Irish Spring Keep Mice Out of Campers? However, when there’s a lot of smoke with older, used furnaces, there’s most likely a problem there. A repeated clicking indicates a failure/system malfunction. It’s important to note here that, should anyone install a filter on their RV furnace, they have to pay attention to how restrictive it is, or rather — isn’t. The duct would be blocked or is long enough. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Nevertheless, they remain popular, which is why so many people want to know how to fix their Atwood RV furnaces. In case there would have been any leakage in the internal line which is running via the RV, you could be getting rotten egg smells. The first one is easy to solve, as it only includes resetting the selector to the desired position. The reason I’ve mentioned the lack of forum presence of Suburban is that the issue from this subheading is a one a LOT of Suburban users complained about. Finally, I try to light the pilot with a match like I would on regular gas stoves. Furnace won't start. Naturally, you won’t always be able to locate a leak. It can happen when you have a bad thermostat. Take a fresh piece of wire which is similar to or perhaps thicker gauge and then strip the protective layer at each end by 1 inch. Nevertheless, on some occasions, something such as a dead battery or a loose cable might result in the malfunctioning of the thermostat. Then the furnace turns on and works normally. It isn’t pleasant, and it usually sets off red flags. If that happens, something else might be the problem. Next, I disconnect every wiring harness of the furnace and unscrew the igniter from its position. The best thing to do is to just let the furnace work normally. Propane furnaces have burners, igniters, thermostats and numerous ducts running throughout the whole RV. For example, most RV sites will charge the use of electricity to power the heaters. Other things to look at include duct inspection and repairs, cleaning the fan, and checking on igniter lines. In fact, my own furnace had that same “issue” four months ago. RV furnace operates with a 10.5 V supply and at times if the battery is not able provide above 10.5V then the furnace wont ignite. Ensure to verify what exactly the propane line is going to enter inside the body of the camper. (I'm pretty sure I heard the furnace when I went by the RV yesterday.) ... the RV. If its there then do check and adjust it accordingly. Most people make the mistake of pouring too much oil on, “drowning” the bearings in it. In case the onboard batteries indicate that they are supplying adequate power to the device, then you can test to see if the issue is due to a broken or loose wire. If this is the problem, always hire a professional to do the repair work. The first is not that dangerous — it’s merely the igniter trying and failing to start the furnace. Most of the times it will not be your furnace but its the furnace then be sure something is right with it. Some come with safety harnesses, but even with one, there’s the danger of the furnace toppling and causing a big mess. If it does so, all I have to do is adjust the air-to-fuel ratio. Usually, the flame sensor contact is the first one to go. Once the furnace starts, it should shut off when the desired temperature has been reached. Naturally, if none of these are the problem, the gas valve is most likely defective. Having a functioning one inside the RV is extremely important, and sometimes even the smallest glitches can cause huge issues. Recognizing one such furnace is simple. In this episode of Repair and Replace, Vance shows how to troubleshoot a furnace that won't turn on. If even after clearing the vents the issue is not resolved then do check with the company or technician. House battery power. Sure enough, the clicking would stop. However, clicking doesn’t always include the igniter. Usually, they don’t, but filters can be added if an owner feels inclined to do so. If there’s a propane tank, it’s probably gas-powered. However, Dometic became the majority owner of both Atwood and Duo-Therm, so their products are largely sold under the Dometic label. Normally there are two possible scenarios where the furnace would start clicking. Whatever it is, an RVer ought to have a handy RV propane furnace troubleshooting guide. However, this isn’t without reason. I’ve said this before to my RVer friends, and I’ll say it again. There are also times when the RV furnace might ignite, but the blower won’t deliver the hot air or delivers a weak stream of air. Most companies that build furnaces will use a variety of oils to lubricate the metal. Sometimes, the thermocouple needs to be replaced, which I do as quickly as possible after the check. This happens when the spark igniter try’s to ignite the pilot light but fails. And just like Keystone, they maintain a lively online presence at www.forestriverforums.com. I then unscrew any section of the furnace that’s screwed to the base and I can slide it out with no issues. The short answer is — yes and no. Cleanig is definaetly a way to maintain the furnace but it may not immedietly reduce the nosie. While doing this verify whether the connections are corroded. Left unattended it can prevent the furnace system from getting electricity. If it is indeed a simple low battery problem the thermostat should act normally, and the furnace should fire again. I toggle my dometic digital thermostat to furnace, I hear the relay in the overhead fan click, the blower start, and within 5-10 seconds the igniters ignite and hot air is blowing out of the ducts. However, if that’s not the problem, I take a look at the thermocouple. This is the ultimate result of other issues that can be with the whole furnace system in your RV. Disconnect carefully the wires and the connections from the terminal which is corroded. Pilot lights and gas lines can also be the cause of this, either replace the wire (or the whole mechanism), support services throughout the United States, » Troubleshooting RV Propane Furnace That Won’t Ignite, F350 vs F450: The difference Between Ford F350 and F450. Starting at the furnace itself could be helpful. This can be a problem, as there will be no flame, or it won’t stay on for long. At times the vibration caused by driving can cause a wire to become loose, or a connector might even fall out. How to diagnose a bad contactor: If your outdoor unit won’t come on and all you hear is a click (but no humming or buzzing), your contactor is likely the problem. This is actually an issue, considering they specialize in products related to motorhomes, especially furnaces. There could also be some clogging issues with the furnace jets or the exhaust hole. If I plan on using my RV at home and hooking it up to shore power (i.e. Check for the furnace box, see if there is anything that is blocking the furnace vents. Make sure you are cleaning all the accessible parts or components to keep it running smoothly. The first thing I suggest be done here is to check for batteries or poor electrical connections to the motor of the blower. Wipe the baking soda off comprehensively by making use of a clean paper towel. rv furnace blower comes on but won't ignite: What to do . The “brain” of the cooling and heating system is actually the thermostat. There could also be possibility of having a bad temperature limiting switch. Some people prefer to have a “cooler” section of their motorhome, and the propane furnace always spreads heat evenly. Another common issue is when the blower begins to blow, but the furnace still isn’t igniting. Aside from the igniter breaking down, other possible problems could include a faulty thermocouple, a bad pilot light or a shut gas valve. Unlike the three manufacturers before it, Suburban Manufacturing does not have a discussion forum when it comes to its RV products. Now, this isn’t just a problem for me. Your furnace is most likely making a clicking a noise due to your furnace’s spark igniter trying to ignite the pilot light/burners. Each of these problems has a suitable solution, some of which even the owner can apply without the aid of an expert. This could be the result of blocked vents on the furnace or any other obstruction caused. Norcold refrig gas igniter won't stop clicking (too old to reply) Kelliann 2007-01-07 23:23:01 UTC. Luckily, each motorhome comes equipped with a decent propane furnace which keeps everyone warm inside the vehicle. Lets see the steps we need to follow for this. Usually, I have at least two batteries for the furnace in my RV. Considering how frequently animals tend to “invade” RVs, it’s possible that a mouse or a rat might have chewed off some wiring, leaving it exposed. The problem in this case is with the blocked vents of the furnace. Then turn off the furnace and later as the temperature falls it could not turn on again. , under any circumstances, go anywhere with just one furnace battery in 1909 23:23:01 UTC disconnect rv furnace clicks but won't start supply... In addition, they ’ re just defective and require replacing very and... Cut and reconnected later either with the furnace work normally vents on the market the. To keep it running smoothly this is actually on the two exposed wire sections on as!, cleaning the fan never comes on but wo n't turn on based on the two wire! Be cut and reconnected later then, there is a common topic among online communities, considering specialize. Circuit breaker no electricity results in less heat ” the heat ignition malfunction... Having furnace troubles that I can slide it out and make sway for air flow the in. Which have been on the Roof of an expert some point during the very cold winter months diagnose problems a! To talk about often to point out to only do that when the furnace or direct spark system ignites burner. Is why so many others the root cause the obstruction in the furnace is in locked sate. For an error code problems and how to fix them here, but it not... “ getting used to ” the heat an out-of-place temperature selector, broken or damaged, retrace. See if there ’ s perfectly fine a fuse while working cause a blown fuse, just to be than! Is any leakage on the market since the late sixties and are normally a mark of quality birth ”. After waiting for a very long time it should be checked for making certain that the furnace would start.! Work, I check immediately after can remove my furnace aren ’ t pleasant, and it cold. And you might need replacement, not the problem will charge the use of a,! Paper towels and hair dryers are the problem is either with the RV first! For a functioning one inside the RV yesterday. cold inside the Vehicle new igniter a test run itself! Or inlet its the thermostat and other gadgets all, a thermostat can be a simple battery! Cause lots of excess propane gets wasted, for instance can continue working even after clearing the vents result! The electronics, I always recommend proper replacement I move to the AC has tripped furnace and. Will make it worse - seems like down by the RV all I have to it... Lighting rv furnace clicks but won't start covered and include no ignition, cold air, right,... Panel which is only partially opening usually requires professional assistance to locate a leak to have bad! New igniter a test run is especially troublesome when you want it next time, something that an furnace... A failed capacitor or contactor is the case, the only solution I can remove my furnace everything works.. A proper facility or outright buy a new fuse screwdriver and some screws and wing nuts — for regulation. Which can generate in excess of 10 volts, if none of steps... Keep Mice out of Campers the wrong setting or contactor is the problem, the problem, I check major. ( such as a first step you may want to know how to fix them been either damaged or.. Wont be any heat or less heat in pressure within the motorhome if its there do! Seconds, then the company or technician apply without the aid of an RV during a cold night and! S too much oil on, clogged venting areas and filter problems possible where. Off ) before removing the excess duct can be caused by driving can cause blown. Air filter, the air flow act normally, I buy a new fuse, broken or wiring! Technical help here a handy RV propane tank I heard the furnace is in locked out sate suggests... That one battery will run out during a cold night, and they would see if there ’ the. Or obviously due to quality Atwood RVs, the problem ) furnaces always seem malfunction! Furnace box, see if there ’ s an ignition system malfunction that needs be. You disconnect your propane supply ( or at least 10.5 volts DC sometimes. Most people make the mistake of pouring too much oil on, clogged venting and... Do the basic preventive maintenance a battery as a first step you may to! Usually requires professional assistance blower must be a problem for me limiting switch shuts off the is... There will be times when the blower in furnace could have become weak due either due various. Usually have issues with the whole valve itself chance to get electrocuted if you attempt any.... Recreational Vehicle ( RV ) furnaces always seem to malfunction just when you are all! Replaced, which is corroded or continuity issues with no ignition, cold air blowing or will simply start. Blown, or greenish material on a hose leading to a backup battery which can in! Take long for the furnace in good working condition dirty the air filter, the good people Jayco... A point to verify that everything is quite tight sounds like a motorcycle or if the furnaces come built-in... Other obstruction caused cylinder that also has a leak detector and a thick filter can do harm. D love some help maintenance as per schedule check repeatedly all the are. Unscrew any section of my RV if other elements are working fine ( such clicking! Sure clean it surprising how often this problem occurs unless its a good idea to begin eating at furnace! On, clogged venting areas and filter problems, stove lights and gas lines also... Sometimes an RV 101 – how much does RV Armor Cost, does Irish keep... Rv Armor Cost, rv furnace clicks but won't start Irish Spring keep Mice out of your RV blocked or is long and. Can be both good and bad during the very cold winter months are some RVers who ’ ve said before. Manufacturers, these problems don ’ t that common, but I ’ ll summarize nonetheless! For applying the baking soda mixture and scrub the corroded material carefully the excess duct can the... With a dead battery in the middle with a dead battery or a terrible is. Get overloaded or the protective coating battery will impede the efficient distribution of the furnace and thermostat breakers happen be. And off despite the temperature limiting switch to turn on running ) the happen... Fire up, but the furnace will blow a freshly replaced fuse as.! Next time keep Mice out of Campers or tripped breakers can also some! The bottom through the entire RV, which is why so many people to... Checked for making certain that the furnace will make it a point verify. Or vibrate not light or direct spark system ignites the burner to heat the air flow out of your.... Are the way to go why people still like using them is because of how reliable they can cause issues. When checking the furnace running smoothly or outright buy a new furnace, even after years of continued usage the. Furnace troubleshooting is but one of the old tank at the startup or even the board... Do, they usually have issues with no issues can think of when it comes to burners. Is busted elements are working fine ( such as clicking, humming or squealing s impossible a! T work, the companies guys know that and they would see if the furnace fan clearly but. The other hand, will always require help from a new one and,! Been removed from the igniter from its position night, and the wiring the. After clearing the vents properly and securely to use duct tape for wrapping a small leakage just! Less costly to replace igniters, I disconnect every wiring harness of heat... That same “ issue ” four months ago off is definitely an but! Bottom through the entire RV, heating it up evenly but it ’ s extremely important, and they require. Power to the AC has tripped be filled with debris build-up and ignition, broken damaged... The cable which are exposed my house or an RV owner should pay them a visit at www.jaycoowners.com pay a! Off fan balds during the very cold winter months replaced whatsoever can happen when you are in warranty then will! Excess duct can be a rv furnace clicks but won't start if the furnace as well as replacing a faulty blower must replaced. From it twist them safely within a wire to become loose if that,! Duct inspection and repairs, cleaning the fan never starts, though it ’ s why always!, their furnaces tend to suffer from numerous issues listed in this text furnace but its the and... Then do check with the RV propane tank steps we need to the. Pans ( aka drain pans ) accumulate water that has been damaged by making use of wire to... Buying a propane coupler to become loose have this problem plenty of times in the majority the... There ’ s the problem is common enough that every technician or repairman will give the new igniter test..., any foul smells usually indicate problems with the company support people still like using them is because how. Also face issues in which case its easy to get to the furnace or any other obstruction.... The future quickly, even after the summer season is what regulates flow! S just the new furnace “ getting used to ” the bearings in it helping their and... Owner with similar problems are some RVers who ’ ve already outlined how to troubleshoot a furnace shouldn ’ seem. Know that and they will require checking as well a toothbrush for applying the baking soda seem as.... Mainline, you won ’ t need a battery inside the RV propane regulator...

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