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*Editor’s Note: This recipes has been updated, and lobelia has now replaced the valerian the recipe originally called for. You’ll find valerian used in tinctures, cough syrups, ointments and salves, teas and other beverages. Valerian is a flowering plant. Soldiers with shell shock and civilians with frayed nerves used valerian to counter the psychological effects of war. The taste is quite similar, which is probably because valerian and lamb’s lettuce are related. The tincture has been used for its sedative properties for centuries; it is still widely used in France, Germany, and Switzerland as a sleep aid.6 Other uses attributed to valerian include a digestive aid, emmenagogue, and antiperspirant.2. The properties which are said to benefit the human body can be found in all parts of the plant, and not just the flowers. The Benefits of Consuming Valerian Tea Valerian is a natural herb that originates from certain parts of Asia and Europe. Struggle with headaches? This plant has more than 2000 years of documented use! Indeed, you can use the Valerian uppers - you can place them fresh for tincture in Brandy, Vodka, electuary in Raw Honey or make an elixir by combining Brandy with the honey. Tissue culture of valerian species has focused on the production of valepotriates.2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Several in vitro and animal experiments have attempted to elucidate the mechanism of action for various valerian compounds. To dehydrate, take the leaves you have set aside earlier and remove them from their stalks. Other trials used the dried herb 0.5 to 2 g, extract 0.5 to 2 mL, and valerian tincture 2 to 4 mL for anxiety. Contraindications have not been identified. Medicinal Uses. The alkaloid concentration in roots and rhizomes is low, usually less than 0.2%. The study in cancer patients was a phase III trial that found no significant benefit for insomnia, but valerian did provide statistically significant improvements for the patient-rated, secondary outcomes of fatigue and mood.31 The study in postmenopausal women found a significant improvement in patient-rated sleep quality with valerian compared with placebo.32 Valerian 160 mg combined with lemon balm 80 mg taken for 1 month also significantly improved sleep quality compared with baseline (P = 0.001) and placebo (P = 0.0001) in women experiencing sleep disruption/disorders subsequent to natural menopause. This “headache ease” tincture can help get the pain under control. Please add your email address below and click "Submit" to add yourself to our mailing list. To learn more about valerian and its many uses, stop on over to our article here and then follow up with these resources that follow! Surprisingly, valerian tea can contribute to treating indigestion. It has a documented use spanning more than 2000 years! If you’re a history buff and an herbalist, you’ll enjoy learning about how valerian was used during World War II. In the 1980s, Swiss researchers studied the effects of valerian root on sleep patterns and found that the herb reduced the time it took to fall asleep, especially in elderly patients and those with slee… In addition to being medicinal this is also edible. The most famous usage of valerian was during the first and second world war, and it was used not only for soldiers but also for the people affected by the war. The ancients used valerian as a diuretic, to bring on menstrual periods, and to treat epilepsy. It is effective in curing sciatica, especially if the cause of sciatica pain is … Despite common use without apparent harm during pregnancy, the use of valerian preparations in pregnancy and lactation cannot be supported without evidence of safety. It does NOT include all information about the possible uses, directions, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse effects, or risks that may apply to this product. Note: Sudden discontinuance may cause Headache, Insomnia or rapid Heartbeat. Since ancient times Valerian has been used for medicinal purposes as an herb. turmeric, echinacea, saw palmetto, milk thistle, Ginkgo Biloba.

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