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Description. Almost gone. All rights reserved. Spinnerbait Skirts - Silicone SkirtsSilicone Skirts if (ch == '<' && '/aAbBpPhHiIoOuUlLtT'.indexOf(nextch) >= 0) { htmltag = true; } Metal Hollow Bead Spacer $2.99. by: Lure Factors. } Spinner Bait and Buzz Bait Heads; Umbrella Rigs; Jigging and Minnow Spoons; Spoon Blanks; Materials . ZM-3 ZM Watermelon Red. A unique silicone lure skirt with round strands and glitter bonded to the surface of each strand to give the maximum reflection. These skirts are great for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, or jigs. return accountNumber; ZM Series Colors: ZM-1 ZM Watermelon. 1/6. if (ie4) { 4 left. New technology allows us to separate skirt colors, providing you with unmatched color patterns and combinations not available until now. These silicone skirts work exceptionally well on finesse style jigs. } for (i = 0; i < value.length; i++) { } else { $('#innerwrapper').attr('style', 'width: 1240px !important;'); d = document.getElementById(name); Watch. setTimeout(command , 50); Made of 100% silicone by a special patented process, each strand contains tiny pearl flakes for added attraction. 2020 popular Ranking Keywords trends in Sports & Entertainment with silicone spinnerbait skirts and Ranking Keywords. Add to that the new collar design that not only makes skirt assembly easy, but also flares out your skirt into that coveted umbrella effect. FAST 'N FREE. Free shipping. var htmltag = false; 5" Pattern & Custom Skirts. Click the title again to close that section. 10 Silicone Skirt Tab T55 RED Lure Making Craft Bass Spinner Bait Strip. if (!htmltag && ch.charCodeAt(0) > 30 && ch != ' ' && ch != '\n') { token += ch; } Regular Silicone Skirts with great custom colors- Sold 1 each. FAST 'N FREE. Wire Stirrup Clevis $4.99 Click on pictures below for color options . Was: $5.98. This auction is for (10) high quality hand-crafted, by myself, spinnerbait/buzzbait silicone skirts made in cantaloupe colors. Designed to avoid tangles and bunching, the silicone strands pulsate on the retrieve to provide an irresistible target. var length = 0; function confirmLogin() { Free shipping. C $22.81. Pull 2 silicone pads through a skirt collar using our Skirt Making Tool.Cut off both end tabs to free skirt legs. Silicone skirts are made using a variety of different “collars”, which are the bands that hold the strands together in the middle of the skirt. $5.62. Dominator HD silicone skirts have a hand tied look. Are we talking 100% silicone or Starflash:A unique silicone lure skirt with round strands and glitter bonded to the surface of each strand to give the maximum reflection. $2.99 5 Pack. function setContent(name, value) { } return d.innerHTML; Send Us a Line. Willow Leaf Spinnerbait Spinner Blades $4.49. C $10.45. EZ on and off, EZ fish on your line! Add to the line-up a variety of rattle systems for jigs and spinnerbaits, and you’ll know why we are proud to invite you to the future of fishing, where “Innovation is our Reputation.”™ 8 left. Pepper Custom Baits is located in Colorado and on Mountain Standard Time. })(); 1661  1661 Standard Silicone Skirts (5pk), LOW10  LOW10 Lowen’s Signature Fine Cut Mini Skirts (3pk), 1688  1688 Teaser Tails Umbrella Skirts (5pk), LOW11  LOW11 Lowen’s Signature Krystal Accent Skirts (3pk), 1673  1673 Sensation Spinnerbait Skirts (5pk), LOW12  LOW12 Lowen’s Signature Flash Skirts (3pk), LOW13  LOW13 Lowen’s Signature Jig Skirts (3pk), 1670  1670 "Real Bait" Silicone Skirts (5pk), 1687  1687 Bass Academy Pro Series Spin Skirts (3pk), 9691  9691 Closeout Pre-Tied Skirts (10pk), Bulk Silicone and Rubber Skirts for Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits. Approximately 5-1/4" total length. setContent(name, str); Silicone skirts are the industry standard for jigs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Barlows. } Barlows. } $2.40 10 Pack. 5 Custom Made Silicone Spinnerbait Skirts(Silver Shad)-Bass Fishing -Fishing-NEW. var i,x,a=document.MM_sr; for(i=0;a&&i= length) { delta = delta * -1; next = ind + delta; } 10 left. Silicone Jig Skirts DIY Rubber Fishing bass Jig Lures 12/18/24 Bundles 50 Strands Spinnerbait Skirt Fishing Bait Buzzbaits Spoon Blade Squid Skirt Replacement,Fly Tying Material 4.5 out of … $3.25 shipping.