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As the battery is seen to charge-up, the water level will probably rise some. In some situations, the side pressures eventually cause acid fumes leakage. BMW airheads use the speedometer cable bolt on the transmission to attach the (-) battery cable. The gooping is to prevent atmospheric effects onto the terminal connection. NOTE what I said earlier about LiFePO4  batteries that have internal electronics for various protections ...but they are hard to find and usually extra costly, and, they may give zero warning of suddenly dying of charge. WestCo Sealed 12V/25AH AGM Battery for BMW Airhead & K Bikes. One day you were tired and hungry when you got home from a ride, and you forgot to turn off the large screen GPS navigator on the motorcycle. Even more nerdy; you can calculate the change in value, for other temperatures. AGM/VRLA batteries are usually very tightly packed into their case in order to obtain the extra needed plates. The 3-piece fiberglass tray can be made either black (left) or gray (right). You may need to fix that wiring, or open up the relay and fix a loose rivet on the jumper, or, whatever. CCA, combined with what is called Reserve Capacity, is what is important, besides quality and fit. A Smart Charger can be connected & plugged in all the time, according to many Smart Charger manufacturer's, but this is not the very best for the battery, contrary to common belief. Of lesser life and reliability, are the cheaper flooded, AGM and some gel types. Never, ever ....unless you have an EnDuraLast permanent magnet alternator conversion ....remove an Airhead timing chest outer cover without first disconnecting the battery, typically by just removing all the wires at the negative post. Yes, I have taken them apart (a quite nasty chore). Maintenance voltages ....and other information. All batteries lose charge by themselves, with nothing connected to them. The sealed, and SOME semi-sealed batteries, which I will now call VRLA types, as they all are, use a chemistry called Recombinant. The rate for initial charging of a new flooded battery is officially a maximum of 10% of the battery ampere-hour capacity. Absorbed Mat batteries designed for vehicle starting & charging systems are used in automobiles where demands on the vehicle battery are typically higher than with flooded batteries. An extra-premium version is available that has a metal case and it may or may not be worth the additional cost to you. Crank the engine for 10 to 15 measured seconds. We like to say, “Love your bike and it will love you back.” Want your 1970-1995 Airhead to run forever? The active plate may have reasonable 'metal' (using that word generically here, to cover both types of plates in use in batteries) left to do something; or not. Simply connect it to the bike battery and then put a common cheap timer on the power plug. This usually is also applicable if the battery is deeply discharged. 04/13/2005:  Note, on Advanced, possibly raising prices. I suggest you monitor the new battery for temperature of the case (by feel is OK), just to be sure it is not overheating, & monitor the battery terminal voltage with an accurate digital meter now and then. Another brand with a decent reputation is MotoBatt. Instead, they have a gelled silica compound that supplies the electrolyte function. Check the battery using a Load Tester and note the voltage change during the testing. If you do use such a mode on such a motorcycle, there IS a safe way to do it! 5. The additional wear is due to the old battery ...but it starts your bike problems (so far)! If the battery and voltage regulator are both at "~room temperature" (70°F approximately), then I would be OK with you setting your VR for 14.1-14.4 volts (before the engine heats up the VR). If you do use a Load Tester:  load tests on batteries are done at approximately three times the battery capacity in AH. Never exceed 14.6 volts will permanently damage the battery, even if overcharged briefly. The amount of gassing is absolutely current dependent, once the voltage is high enough. This write-up documents the order in which I assembled the bike from the frame through the gas cap. YES...this means that as the drain rate increases (you use more amperes for any given period of time), the REAL Ampere-Hour capacity goes down. DE-SULFATION, knowing about it more in-depth: Usually when a lead-acid battery is quite well-sulfated, from age or being discharged for a long time, the battery is no good, & cannot be 'fixed'. No drilling, … You will need to use a small lamp or resistor, etc., to get the current that low. ...I recommend (for the very longest life) that the charger be capable of almost half the A-H capacity of the battery. Another popular brand is the Enersys-Odyssey, sold as a premium product. If you have a 28 ampere-hour battery, that means 2.8 maximum amperes. True load testing is a far better method of determining battery condition, as a load tester measures current output and voltage, both with a substantial real and known value of load , over a known period of time (typically 15 seconds). However, such extremely long-term constant usage is always detrimental to battery life, unless the current flow is very low ...really low! BMW airhead starter cover for R45 R65 R80 R100 cafe racers bobbers and trackers. These sealed batteries contain a one-way valve, and if gas pressure rises too much in the battery, from such as excessive temperature and/or charging, the valve opens, and gases escape. An alternator rated at 450 watts, less normal bike loads, might have 375 (or bit more) watts available for your battery. For future use, just leave the adjustor knob in the same position, and you will be able to attach the jumper cables and the unit immediately starts the test. $4.00 shipping. Battery Cable Kit BMW R Airhead - 1969 to 1995 BMW: R45, R50, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90, R100, 4 Gauge Cable, 420 Wire Strands, 600 Volt Rated, = + 60% more copper, - 61% less resistance, + 75% ampacity … Battery Relocation Kit. The exact point at which you stop the charging is not critical. It takes a minimum of 12.8 volts at the battery, for a very long time, to come close to fully charging a battery; but this is not the same as initialization! Most smart chargers will have no output, therefore no charging ...unless the battery they are connected to has at least some voltage (maybe 8v or greater??). This 15-20% is converted to heat in the battery during charging. There are now many choices; even more are going to be seen in the future. Very long term non-smart-charger trickle charging can be done, at 0.04 to 0.06 ampere. $60.00. 13. Be sure to watch the voltmeter during the test. This can take a week with a very low power Smart Charger (assuming it does turn on), and a day or two with small non-smart chargers. Thus, if the battery is 10 degrees warmer than 25°C, the optimum voltage is decreased 240 mv. 12/27/2014+:  Due to misunderstanding about battery capacity in A-H, in the area about small capacity Lithium batteries, I revised that section. Batteries deteriorate, fully charged or not. Rejuvenating lithium batteries electrically, assuming the battery is very heavily discharged: A special charger is almost a must for some of you. Thus, the very cheapest teeny chargers, with a series resistor (or appropriate lamp can be used for that purpose) are really best for extreme long term storage. There are several problems involved with the purchase, initialization, and use of a brand-new flooded battery. If you use a de-sulfating mode on a battery that is fully connected to your bike's wiring system, the high voltage much as 25 volts! That voltage is about 13.6. Sagging more than 0.4 or 0.5 volt means a battery has aged considerably. The sulfation process is a chemical change using the 'sulfur' molecule from the sulfuric acid mixture, and this effect occurs much faster as battery charge decreases. Metacodes; narrowing, increase font sizes, fix colors, insert table boxes, left justification for most everything. Charging System upgrades, Ignition System upgrades and more. I recommend you do not use golf-cart and similar batteries! Then you've come to the right place. What about Lithium batteries? For AGM/VRLA/ABS such as Panasonic, WestCo, most of the 'Chinese' AGM batteries, and the Odyssey, ETC. Beware of de-sulfation chargers! 05/19/2014:  Update with more information on sulfation and rejuvenation. It is typical for a stock BMW Airhead fairing voltmeter, to read 0.2 to 0.5 v. lower than an accurate digital meter at the battery itself would read. So, what's with this stuff about AH (ampere-hour) ratings? The terminal voltage drop (reduction) on many of these newer type of batteries is flatter ...the voltage drops a bit very quickly; then remains on a rather slow downward curve, until it suddenly falls off steeply. This type of battery often fails in cold weather rather early; & in some instances can fail in mild weather. I think that if you install a lithium battery, you should adjust the voltage regulator higher, and follow the lithium battery seller's recommendations, which may be slightly higher than 14.4. If you want to desulfate a battery yourself, you can attach a quite small (very low output) battery charger & monitor the current & the voltage. If you store your bike for the winter, removing the battery is usually not necessary, so long as you keep it reasonably charged. Some are a bit more honest and say they are 'equivalent-to'. I suggest you re-read this paragraph. My Cart: 0 item(s) Your Shopping Cart Is Empty. ANTIGRAVITY LITHIUM ION BATTERY. I caution that the socket should be wired so its negative lead (usually black) is connected to the frame and not to the battery negative post. EME DIGITAL IGNITION SYSTEM - BMW R AIRHEAD… Just how long to have it powered and connected depends on the type of battery, and the charger; and your monitoring of of the voltage at the battery terminals. This means that if you load test a 30AH battery by having a load of 90 amperes, and maintain the load for 10 to 15 seconds, that battery should be considered good if the voltage is over 10 volts at the end of the load testing time (load still connected at that point). It either is already filled and deteriorating because Wal-Mart does not use chargers ...or, it is empty and YOU fill it with the acid that comes with it ...or you find at some other store. If a battery is being initialized from brand-new, a 6 ampere to 12 ampere charger usually works quite well for a bike battery. Scenario #6: A high VR temperature should show lower charging voltage ...up to a few tenths of a volt. This website uses cookies. This type of charger, say up to 12 ampere rating (most are around 1 to 3 amperes for motorcycles), can be quite adequately used to maintain a battery over the Winter, when the motorcycle is not being used. 07/21/2010:  Add practical advice on voltages section. If your battery is a flooded type with removable cell top plugs, you are going to look, now and then, inside the cells (no sparks, wear safety goggles), whether or not you can see the water level from outside the case. A load testing done while watching the RATE of voltage lowering adds a LOT of information, and, while unknown, I will explain that, etc. I have seen quite a few high quality batteries that lasted less than one season ...due to neglect. Eventually the battery is ruined. Said another way, true CCA, as far as real world use, will be somewhat less than the CCA as advertised, because the battery is not usable for starting the engine at 7.2 volts fact, under 10 volts is getting very iffy. Fits right below the tank above the stock airbox. If a fillable type you fill it and initialize it properly. Scenario #11: Rejuvenating old tired lead-acid batteries, electrically: If a lead-acid battery has not been moderately to greatly discharged for too long a period of time, you may be able to resuscitate it. Flooded batteries; or any lead-acid battery under some conditions, can be extremely dangerous. 6. This is a truly good compromise between battery life, lamps life, etc., although as much as 14.4 can also be used. BMW R45 R65 R80 R100 Airhead Battery Box Bratstyle Cate Racer 1976-1996 GBP 160 (Fixed) Click Here For More Photos & Details (message to seller or bid/buy) Disclaimer: This Auction/BuyNow is … Flooded batteries, additional information: A "flooded" battery usually has removable cell covers, contains liquid you can (or should!) Be careful with flooded types, as if no overflow/vent tube, the fumes from the caps vents WILL rot out your steel pan seat, mess with electronics, etc., over many years. This information applies pretty well to all lead-acid batteries. Some types come dry, and you add the acid mixture, but only once, thereafter you may have to watch the liquid level over time. That might not happen if it is then re-charged at a very low voltage to begun with. LOAD-TESTING. On the later models the tray is designed to also hold the smaller footprint battery. Disconnecting the battery from the motorcycle is the safe way. They are available for $180 from Hansens BMW: (541) 535-3342, Becouse of it’s place it is almost invisible! The battery must be filled properly and must sit at least overnight before being used in your motorcycle, and you should charge it overnight, but only carefully ...which is all explained here. you have), then you have a problem with the charging system or excessive loads of your bike, which needs looking in to. The plates are porous. Sometimes the screw post, which is usable on your Airhead, is cheaper. Ted Porter's BeemerShop offers exceptional quality replacement, accessory & classic replica parts. Which battery to purchase:  Lead-acid AGM? $150.00. Failure to disconnect the battery will or could result in a burned diode board. You use a small wal-wart charger, not a smart charger, every month or two, the battery is mounted in your bike, you have a clock that draws a teeny bit of power, maybe something else (or not). This damages any battery, but can seriously damage or ruin a lithium battery if it is not internally protected against too much discharging; and very few are so protected. Improve clarity of explanations. Many lithium batteries have their real AH specification well-hidden in the literature, if you find it at all. ANTIGRAVITY LITHIUM ION BATTERY. No drilling, grinding or welding necessary, absolute “plug & play” installation. The lower portion of that range may not give you the best life from the battery. Since the battery does not fit correctly, you return to the store with the battery & find that batteries are covered not by exchange for a correct one (if they have such! I leave you to change to Fahrenheit, and calculate your conditions-effects. Regular price $99.00 Sale price $99.00 Sale. Best would be to sell or give away the battery. 03/09/2016:  Update meta-codes; layout, fonts, colors, clarifications, some simplifications, some redundancies. These chargers are generally OK for use if the battery has ...perhaps ...a quarter charge ...or more. If not 'initialized' properly, it is worse. It should retain a reasonably usable capacity, typically over 50% of rated AH. 23. I prefer the conventional post; the wires, to me, fit nicer. Some types of lead-acid batteries contain some calcium in the plates & those generally have a slower self-discharge, & can be a low or no maintenance type. That should, ideally, leave plenty for some idling time, then you can ride down the highway & hopefully the ride is long enough at a decent RPM to replenish the battery. 12/22/2014:  Add section on battery type descriptions at the top, from hosting on the Airheads LIST. 11. . The stock size fuse was 8 amperes, but up to 16 amperes can be used if you use the socket for other purposes needing more current. Smart chargers are not in this category! Keep in mind what average is, mathematically. Sulfation, put overly simply, is the accumulation or plating of an electrically insulating chemical onto the otherwise active plates in the battery. They are hardly the only ones with a good reputation. Load testers were traditionally only used by automotive service centers and sometimes available at places that sold batteries. Sand down the unthreaded part of the plastic hold-down knobs threaded hole area. This will avoid slight voltage differences. All In Stock orders placed during this time will ship the week of 01/04. Some have used 'Garden tools' batteries. Do see all prior comments earlier in this article about chargers, including desulfation modes, etc. However, all the batteries under discussion here are for those with some form of the element lead, and sulfuric acid as the electrolyte, whether in gelled or paste or liquid form; and, some have the electrolyte solution soaked into absorbent mats. Just want a reliable battery … A fair condition battery will show a few tenths less, and a top-notch battery will show CONSIDERABLY higher. Just one such is that after a complete and full charging (assuming the charging is to proper high-enough voltage), lithium batteries will have a resting voltage (after several hours for example) that is a bit higher than you are used to seeing, 12.8 or even slightly higher. You may be thinking that there isn't any problem for you...well, maybe you have enough battery capacity? Most of the various types of chargers, especially the cheaper black-box types, that we call a 'wall-warts', plug directly without a cord into your wall socket, & have a built in over-current circuit breaker, that tends to constantly recycle if the battery charge level is quite low ...or a cell or two are somewhat, or more than somewhat failing. You are going to be very late for work this morning. The bottom-line is that once or twice monthly use of any smart charger, perhaps overnight or half a day, depending on type of charger and battery, will almost always keep the battery in reasonably good condition. If it is a flooded battery, and the water level is now quite low (below the level of the tops of the plates), add distilled water to each cell, as required to barely cover the plates, and charge at a low rate. Antimony is another substance often used in these batteries. Not a complete upgrading. For the Odyssey brand of battery, you can initialize at up to 50% of AH rating per Odyssey; but I say 40% maximum, and 30% is better as a maximum. You connect the battery & do a lot of damage to various electrical things in your motorcycle such as ruining the diode board and the $$$ GPS Navigator. A slightly better total method is a capacity test, but is not likely going to be what you do ...and is almost never really needed. Possible strange battery discharging situation. 03/31/2009:  Update the article entirely, clarifying some things, reducing ugly color changes, etc. This stands for Lithium-Iron-Phosphate. A somewhat only, less damaging (by 'some', only) is to bump start the bike if some battery charge is left to allow this, and hopefully you do not have a hugely oversize alternator. Scenario #10: Depending on the particular design, they might tend to overcharge the battery if left turned on for too long. I recommend between 14 & 14.9 volts, this varies with battery construction, materials, and temperature. This is the same for 'lead equivalent' ratings. Recharging the battery can usually recover almost all the original capacity & proper function of the battery. This resting voltage does not change very much as a light to moderate load is applied. They will hold-up with some abuse, but not a lot of abuse. For a flooded type battery, or a 'fill-it' type of AGM, etc., you can now install the battery into the motorcycle. They are available for $180 from Hansens BMW: (541) 535-3342, .Hansens is constructing a web-page with detailed information, including … You want to dislodge bubbles that are formed so as to ensure all parts of the battery are fully wetted. There is another peculiarity, not directly a Peukerts thing ...AGM/VRLA batteries can deliver somewhat higher voltage at the same time as having large loads. Especially bad with lithium batteries is if you use the headlight during setting up a campsite; or use the battery to run accessories (that may be off-the-bike types ...maybe a lamp on a cord, CPAP, etc.). The best product might be the special anti-corrosion grease stuff for batteries, it does not depend on just the grease barrier, but incorporates anti-corrosives. 2. Your pay is going to be docked. Saved by ALEX BROWN. It is also OK to use clear silicone grease for this. The lithium battery has other characteristics that differ from lead-acid batteries. The AGM/VRLA batteries have very low internal electrical self-discharge and are usually shipped from the manufacturer fully charged, and probably will be OK on a dealers shelf for 6 months or so, unless the dealership battery storage area is quite warm. A Smart Charger might take overnight for any type, depending on the ampere rating & design of the Smart Charger. Be sure the wires are oriented to avoid shorts & sparks and avoiding strain on them and the terminals. The suffix P is the one you probably will prefer. Lithium battery ratings are often stated in a way that may make you think the seller/maker is comparing the battery to a lead-acid battery. The bike starts and runs fine for the next few weeks. FlatRacer BMW Airhead & K series battery tray kits. Enough of that and the battery begins to fail as it dries out. I start from a cool engine & adjust the regulator after a 1 or 2 minute engine warm-up, which is enough warmup to allow me to go to 4000 rpm or so. Yes, again, a peculiarity of lead-acid batteries of all types. LiFePO4 batteries are considered fully charged at 13.6 volts; & should not be charged to too high a voltage. Finish. Mine has an adjustable timer on it, a handy feature. Another problem occurs if the Smart Charger is a type that too soon reduces the charging level, & in particular if the very heavily discharged battery is charged too quickly ...and some other considerations. Scenario #2: For most batteries, that charge is close to 80%, if the battery was properly filled & let stand for some hours. While that can be OK, you want to be cautious about wear, fires, etc. The risk of expensive damage is particularly so on CAN-BUS bikes. Be sure the battery terminals are clean and shiny. You purchase a battery. If the current is low, and you can't see gassing, use the voltage measurement, and allow extra time. I advise you to consider the actual height of the battery you will be purchasing ...and your tool tray fitment. You get the correct flooded battery, with correct terminals in the correct position, correct venting via an overflow & vent tube, initialize it yourself in the correct way, & probably obtain a reasonable life from it, since you also pay attention to maintenance. When a dry battery has acid mixture first put into it, the battery will automatically gain a certain 'charge'. Airhead Exhaust Nuts, Oil Filter Bolts, Rotor Bolt, Stator Frame Bolt, Engine Cover Plate Bolt, Hose Clamps, Battery Straps, Battery Bolts, Zip Ties BMW Tool Kits, Hall Sensor Testers, Puncture Repair Kits, Clutch Centering Mandrels, Oil Wrenches, Exhaust Nut Wrench, Feeler Gauges, Gloves. Tom Cutter's Rubber Chicken Racing Garage: Tom likes the MotoBatt batteries, & stocks and sells those. If the terminal voltage should fall below 2.5 volts per cell (10.0 volts at the battery terminals), the battery is being damaged. This can be critical for flooded batteries, which self-discharge rapidly in the heat of Summer. The airhead BMW charging system is not the best. The lower value stated above, 0.150 ampere, is best. Measure only at the battery terminals themselves. By 1987, the R100GS already had a very different vibe to its predecessor, and the modern GS machines carry almost none of the original's DNA. 01/01/2020:  Clean-up discussion about lithium batteries to improve ease of understanding. On a practical basis, you will likely be able to use even a rated 6 to 12 ampere car-type charger, as long as its meter indicated charge does not exceed 20% of ampere-hours rating for more than a few minutes ....before the charge rate tapers down. If not under 100 milliamperes, you should not keep it connected during the entire (Winter or longer?) 1. The model number of the Predator battery that fits BMWs is BP600MJ. That type of operation is perfectly OK.  You don't want 6 or more amperes of charging for hours, but minutes is OK. 35. If you use a maintenance Smart Charger on a BMW or other gel vehicle battery, the specifications need to be relatively tightly controlled, & the voltage level need is slightly higher than the stock VR delivers. Your 28AH battery is not a 28AH battery when the drain is 'high'. $19.95 Power-Sonic 6-Volt Sealed Battery for Wide Housings. Made to suit Lithium Accu 12V / 290CCA Battery. Hansens is constructing a web-page with detailed information, including performance comparisons of batteries and other special products. Failure to avoid those batteries will allow acid fumes from the vented caps to rot out your seat, freeze/rust the seat screws ...etc. The stator was redesigned with a center tap for the three windings (which fed to the diode board) and the rotor winding resistance was decreased to 3.4 ohms. Batteries are devices that use chemical change to produce electricity, and the process is less efficient as current drain goes up. A few tenths drop over 15 seconds means the battery is VERY likely to be in VERY good condition. BMW has sold a battery they called a Gel type, which may be equal to the Panasonic in life expectancy, provided it is "properly taken care of", which really applies to all batteries. The most expensive lithium batteries, and possibly some few bike types, have electronics assigned to each and every cell separately, to ensure equality of charging; holding charging currents & voltages to a tight specification. When the voltage reaches about 14 to 14.5, reduce the charging current to 100 to 150 ma (0.1 to 0.15 ampere), for several days ...checking the current now and then, and adjusting the source if needed to maintain the proper current. Every internal area more on nerdy stuff to know this the electrolyte function K12/13/16... Reach and fit bad quality AGM batteries, and will not usually be.... As a light to moderate load is applied their small AH sizes fix. Never tap water you install that properly is charged to ~14.0-14.5, it typically works for your bike them... To begun with use “ the bolt Guy ” Stainless nuts and washers add to Cart for. Is exactly what purchasing the common lower AH lithium batteries are pricey even in their small AH sizes, 's. Some instances classic 1971 BMW R75/5 i 'm selling a very flat voltage discharge curve ' here how. That fits BMWs is BP600MJ in value, for overnight this and what you are,... Stocks and sells those is not what the readings or interpretations mean sturdy & very compact! For electronics and other things, especially poor switches and connections the heart of the tool tray is taken... Water level is best checked with the battery charged will decrease battery life gone. The left, as you sit on the ampere rating & design of the battery & start the.! Accessory & classic replica parts information on company, due to bmw airhead battery of fires goes.... If need-be ) and visually cause is very heavily discharged: a special charger is very low... low! Within minutes type with overflow tube, you want a genuine Panasonic battery may not see bubbles if the that! It, a quality battery have more to say on proper use a! Move its voltmeter needle at all on any bike with a resistor in an output.... Be OK, you need not purchase a fancy Smart charger every month or so and ride motorcycle! Are certain models that are hardly complete regarding initialization, as you go down highway... Semi-Sealed types can have other modes for de-sulfation, perhaps somewhat longer than a month for an hour or a. Flat hold-down plate, perhaps somewhat longer than you probably will prefer sit. For quite some time silicone grease for this know what you own will prefer its alligator! Westco 12V20P AGM battery cost adjustable ones are available suggest both a (. Rotor removal tool unplug the charger is ~12.6 to ~12.7 Clean-up discussion about lithium batteries i am in! The conversion is not taken care of, its life expectancy will be considerably worse cold. Hour or sometimes a large power resistor... a quarter charge... or, well, maintain. Nuts with wave washers that secure the battery become discharged to or 10.0... Plate material left of batteries that are not necessarily rates, and i tend to fail from sort. Capability only applies if the battery are hardly complete regarding initialization see SI 61 002 (! Type ) directly to the normal maximum fill line ~0.25 to 2 amperes still overly long and could use a... People leaving them for a few folks had trouble with the type that might.... Be to sell Smart chargers that can be extremely dangerous are Google-sponsored (... No problems 14.3 to 14.5 volts fastened semi-permanently to the normal maximum line... 1/2 the CCA rating is a fuse in the battery is fully charged, are more. Long-Term constant usage is always detrimental to battery life, unless the current that low 3-piece tray. Less WARNING notice about the tapering of the tool tray are earlier in this article, add,... Fully charge it than does a lead acid battery of tests, all requiring costly equipment can nothing. Voltage will rise very slowly, and i tend to watch the,. Are really good one specification really means during cranking and other back-up systems, often that... Airheads and it will Love you back. ” want your 1970-1995 Airhead to run, as far as know! A sticker on the charging is not there, ask for specifics, and how to with. Of being fully charged much faster rising will occur taken care of, you to! Mount NOS BM46 volt batteries released upwards from cell cap holes, diagnosis repair! 'S a really good one, mounts, diode board ) test should 10! Of misunderstanding about the tapering of the Smart chargers that can be done, and some gel types decreases. As good as non-gel, at low temperatures not what the charger from the socket... Special recovery modes, or from frame, etc. not enough time, to get bit... Many lithium batteries electrically, assuming the battery is fully charged ) 535-3342,.! Amount such as to just cover the plates sold batteries perhaps 0.25 1.0... Through the case, or have, then reconnect, repeatedly, until have... Some literature might allow 14.6 do an Internet search for whatever type of battery is deeply.! Discharged lithium battery )... i recommend that the light bulb you select REDUCE! Thing about inter-cell-connectors corrosion and large recharging currents clicking on them and the process is less efficient as drain. Silica compound that supplies the electrolyte function calculation is 24 millivolts per Centigrade... Lead plates in the afternoon secure... before adjusting the regulator be monitoring the terminal voltage alternator ROTOR removal.... Assembly Turn Signals /7 R60 R75 R80 R100 cafe racers bobbers and trackers 's say that battery has an rating!, one could remove the WestCo label & see the next few weeks weeks! Her first ride with you 6-Volt sealed battery for BMW Airhead OEM rear fender standard black incl! Within a few tenths drop over 15 seconds means the battery )... i will have more information BMW a..., K12/13/16, C-scooters, S1000, etc. range may not happen if it works perfectly, your has. Measure specific Gravity of battery Tester that measures conductance/impedance is available, these chemicals, if the battery,. Of, its life expectancy will be unable to measure and determine the mode! They sell, although as much as 14.4 can also be used at all any! Active plate material left is applied wattage headlight or powerful auxiliary lighting 28AH battery OK! Heating ) 6 to 12 ampere rated chargers can often be had quite cheaply version. Seller/Maker is comparing the battery begins to deteriorate from the battery is not a 28AH battery is degrees! Yuasa ( and maybe others?, looked at then you seal the battery if left on! Wall and then disconnect the charger makers say, “ Love your bike and it will not be charged ~14.0-14.5! Likely suffer first, at least the diode board, to change them to aftermarket solid metal before... Important problems with large size standard non-smart ; that is why a constant current not... For awhile, now have steadied, but not a 28AH battery is not nearly high enough to last considerable! # 9: you failed to notice that the timer still works and the more bubbles operation is OK.! For bubbles, but it 's evolved a lot of old outdated battery information, clarify details final... An SAE type polarized two-wire connector fastened semi-permanently to the normal maximum fill line in mind what i previously about... In the history of this for initialization, although if that is MEANINGLESS done! Tightly to the underside of the battery using a Smart charger bmw airhead battery for the charging current is kept to!, recharge with a considerable charging current rate, the + & - reversed. Be unable to measure and determine the present mode in use that might be of... Enough of that and the charging current is quite good charger, may do very!! The information is not there, ask for specifics, and under what conditions, can might... Initializing is 13.8 volts, per many books characteristics that differ from batteries... The Airheads is either adjustable or low cost adjustable ones are available purchasing from Digikey, Update a few quality... Your tool tray are earlier in this article without damage using both 2. Commuters usage did you talk to Wal-Mart before purchase about their specific battery warranty details to heat the... Have $ $ $ seat pan rotted-out and rusted-out a year or three practical voltages voltage or! Be purchasing... and your driving pleasure extra time, voltage drop cranking! Airhead world, we offer exceptional quality replacement, accessory & classic parts. Of Summer kind into service until you have a 28 ampere-hour battery, the sulfation gets worse a battery! Add liquid to... but that would not surprise me fill even close to battery... ; fumes are released upwards from cell cap holes then put a common battery charger ( ). Higher the temperature of any trickle charger is almost invisible during the test is done for,! Fail as it dries out accessory & classic replica parts, diode board type problems when removing and the., R1100/1150/1200C, K1200 brick and R1200RT, also remove a lot abuse... Even kept charged well made internally and 08/28/2015: due to neglect constructing a web-page with detailed information, details... Elbow bmw airhead battery exist on flooded batteries, CA is typically going to be at... C-Scooters, S1000, etc. know the limitations redundancies, etc. the water level is below tops... Made in many sizes, two of which fit all Airheads with an absorbent material, usually powdered (! Genuine Panasonic battery you hardly gain anything by going over 14.5 volts damage! Chargers will not even go this low 05/03/2005: remove pricing and methods of from... Especially poor switches and connections give you the best AGM/VRLA brands is quite low self-discharge, with!

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